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ChatPion v8.1.4 - Facebook & Instagram Chatbot,eCommerce,SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing Platform (SaaS)

ChatPion is primarily a visual drag-and-drop Flow Builder-based Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM chatbot. It also has a respond and private reply function for Facebook and Instagram comments. In addition, the marketing app contains a function that allows users to share text, images, videos, and carousels to Facebook and Instagram. It also offers a facility for publishing to other social networking sites. True, the marketing software includes an SMS and email marketing solution. It does, however, include a full-featured Ecommerce platform that can be set up inside Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct Messages, and web browsers. Finally, ChatPion is an open-source white-label multi-user SaaS application that may be self-hosted. With the ChatPion Extended License, you may launch a software service business. It is, in a nutshell, an all-in-one marketing solution for your company.


chatpion complete messenger marketing software for facebook demo 1
chatpion complete messenger marketing software for facebook demo 2
chatpion complete messenger marketing software for facebook demo 3
chatpion complete messenger marketing software for facebook demo 4
chatpion complete messenger marketing software for facebook demo 5

Features: ChatPion – Facebook & Instagram Chatbot,eCommerce,SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing Platform (SaaS)

  • BOT for Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages:
    • Using Visual Flow Builder, create a BOT (Drag and Drop Bot Builder)
    • Bots for Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct Messages
    • On Bot Manager, it’s simple to switch between Messenger and Instagram.
    • String Match and Exact Match A response based on a keyword
    • Text, file, image, audio, video, and gif
    • Carousel Template, Media Template, Generic Template
    • Quick Reply Buttons, Post Back Buttons
    • URL, Phone Number, Webview, and User Birthday buttons
    • User Email Quick Reply Button, Phone Number
    • Personalized Response (First and Last Names)
    • Sync your existing leads and convert them to BOT subscribers.
    • Gender, time zone, and location are all included in the subscriber profile.
    • Subscribers can be segmented based on how often they hit the post-back button.
    • Subscribers might be segmented based on their private responses.
    • Subscribers can be segmented by manually adding labels.
    • Enable Option is typed in.
    • Each response has a custom delay.
    • Enable the Mark Seen Action option.
    • Icebreakers are tools that may be used to assist a user initiate a discussion.
    • Menu that stays the same
    • For each location, a different persistent menu is added.
    • Persistent Menu has an option to specify your Brand URL.
    • Quick Reply & MailChimp Integration, ActiveCampaign Integration, Sendinblue Integration, Mautic Integration, and Acelle Integration all collect email addresses.
    • Take down the phone number from the Quick Reply
    • Create a CSV file with your email and phone number.
    • Reply error reporting log
    • Bot settings can be exported.
    • Save the bot data you exported as a template.
    • Users can use the exported bot data as a template if the admin saves it as a template.
    • For every page, import exported bot data/Templates.
  • Messenger: Ecommerce Store & Restaurant (inside/outside)
    • The user interface of a mobile app is simple to use.
    • a number of shops
    • Menu with QR codes that do not require contact
    • Management of products
    • Management of attributes and categories
    • System of coupons
    • PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, Paystack, Mercado Pago, and SSLCOMMERZ, SenangPay, Xendit, and Instamojo are just a few of the services available. Cash on Delivery is an option. Payments made by hand or by bank
    • Management of orders (shipping, delivery, reject & accept order)
    • Receipt of order confirmation through Messenger, email, and SMS
    • Printing receipts using a thermal printer
    • Pickup locations and stores (can be ordered sitting inside restaurant)
    • Delivery addresses that have been saved
    • Messenger Bot integration is simple and versatile.
    • Use at a restaurant as a food ordering system.
    • Reminder on abandoned cart recovery
  • Broadcasting of a One-Time Notification (OTN):
    • In the bot settings, there is an option to request a one-time notification.
    • Notification just once After 24 hours, the broadcast will resume.
    • Send a Marketing Message
    • Send a templated message
  • Auto-Commenting Software:
    • Post as a Page with an Auto Comment
    • Commentary, both one-time and on a regular basis
    • Periodic Serial & Random Comment
    • Management of AutoComment Templates
    • Comment on emojis and spintax
    • Choose a comment interval based on time and date.
    • Boost Your Page’s Engagement
  • BOT Tools for Facebook Comments:
    • Post Comment Auto-Private Reply
    • Auto-Send a Private Message with a Template (image, video, buttons, quick reply, carousel, generic template)
    • As a fast response, use the Webhook to auto-reply to comments.
    • Reply to a Post Comment with an Auto Comment Reply.
    • Comment auto-likes
    • Reply to the Dark Post
    • Each image in a multi-image post should be replied to separately.
    • Auto Private Reply and Comment Reply Text are very customizable.
    • Word-Based Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Option Filtering
    • Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Full Report
    • Subscribers can be divided into groups.
    • Message with emoji and spintax
  • Instagram Tools for Posting: (Official API)
    • Posting an image
    • Posting a video
  • BOT Tools for Instagram Comments:
    • Reply to a Post Comment with an Auto Comment Reply.
    • Option for keyword filtering and word-based comment replying.
    • Comment on a Post by Hand
  • Chat in real time:
    • On ChatPion, you may chat with other users in real time.
    • Live conversation on Facebook Messenger and Instagram
    • Switching between Messenger and Instagram is simple.
    • Change the Tag to send a message.
    • Send the user Postback templates
    • Give the user labels.
  • Posting on Facebook:
    • Auto-posting via RSS
    • Text, picture, multi-image, video, and link posts are all acceptable.
    • Post about a carousel and a slide show
    • Button Post from the CTA
    • With a single click, schedule or publish a post to all of your Facebook pages.
    • Ability to re-post on a regular basis
    • With each post, enable the Auto Comment Reply Campaign.
    • Complete Posting Report
    • Library of Emojis
  • Posting on Social Media:
    • Bulk post to 8 social media accounts in one click
    • Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Blogger, WordPress, and Medium are all examples of social media sites.
    • Posting of text, link, image, and video
    • Campaign planning
    • From a CSV file, create a bulk post planner.
  • Text Message Marketing (SMS):
    • CSV Contact List Import
    • Easily connect to the most popular SMS gateways (Twilio, Plivo, Clickatell, Nexmo, AfricasTalking, Msg91, SemySMS, RouteSMS etc)
    • Any Custom HTTP API for a Local SMS Gateway Provider can be integrated.
    • Send an SMS to the phone numbers you’ve collected using Messenger.
    • Send SMS to a Customized Imported List
    • Campaign Planning
    • OPT-IN Inside Messenger for SMS Notifications During Phone Calls
  • Marketing using e-mail:
    • Email builder with drag-and-drop functionality
    • Importing a CSV contact list and segmenting it
    • Most common email gateways are supported (SMTP, Mailgun, Sendgrid, Mandrill etc)
    • Send an email to all of the people who have signed up for Messenger.
    • Send an email to a custom list that you’ve imported.
    • Campaign planning
    • Get an email campaign report, including open and click rates.
    • During the email opt-in process in Messenger, you will receive an email notice.
    • Integration with MailChimp’s autoresponder
    • Integration with ActiveCampaign’s autoresponder
    • Integration with Sendinblue’s autoresponder
    • Intergration of the Mautic autoresponder
    • Integration of Acelle’s autoresponder
  • Search Engine Marketing & Comparison Shopping:
    • Comparison of Websites (like, share, comment, description etc)
  • Marketing Research:
    • Page metrics on Facebook
    • Messenger analytics on your Facebook page
    • Dashboards and graphical reports
  • Manager of Menus:
    • Make new pages.
    • Make a new menu.
    • Organize your menus with a drag-and-drop interface.
    • Make changes to the newly formed menu
    • Remove a newly generated menu.
  • Other features include:
    • RTL (right-to-left) (Right to left translation for Languages like Arabics)
    • Support in Multiple Languages (Built-in 12 Languages)
    • Landing Page That Is Ad-Ready
    • Updates are made automatically.
    • Support for Add-ons
    • The dashboard is fantastic.
    • SaaS and multi-user application.
    • Login with your social media account (Google Facebook)
    • System for Complete User Management
    • Report on User Logins
    • User Account Login Master Password
    • Setup of PHP Native Email, SSL SMTP, and Non-SSL SMTP
    • Member’s announcement
    • Page manager and admin panel menu
  • Extra Features of the Extended License:
    • SSLCOMMERZ,SenangPay,Xendit, and Instamojo payment methods are connected with PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, Razorpay, Paystack, Mercado Pago, and SSLCOMMERZ,SenangPay,Xendit, and Instamojo.
    • Methods of payment: manual/bank
    • System of assistance desks
    • Dashboard with advanced features
    • Complete blog management system

Changelog: ChatPion Nulled

V8.2.2- 14th April 2022
- Fix issues of auto comment reply edit from report section.
- Some query missing for the last codecanyon version issue fix.

V8.2.1- 2nd April 2022 (Auto update only)
- Fix Facebook carousel posting issue from last update.
- User ID validation check in some delete function.

V8.2- 29th March 2022
- Instagram Carousel posting feature added (Images+Videos).
- Ecommerce in Instagram:  order status change message sending fix
- Few minor adjustments
- Facebook multi-image post: Image limit increased to 10
- Persistent menu for IG

V8.1.8 - 21st March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Support new Google My Business API

v8.1.7 - 16th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Customer Chatplugin optin message sent problem fixed

V8.1.6 - 15th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Subscriber list count issue
- Sequence report hourly report - floating point issue
- Signup issue: Mautic autoresponder
- Login with Facebook issue fix
- Labels for Instagram not displaying issue fix.

V8.1.5 - 12th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Label assign issue fix.
- Action button bot flows are now hidden from the bot flow list.
- Delete option added for messenger bot template category.

V8.1.4 - 8th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Double opt-in For Email Opt-in form builder Add-on support

V8.1.3 - 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Login with Facebook error invalid email or password from last update issue fix.

V8.1.2- 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Missing query.

V8.1.1 - 7th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- Login with Facebook error invalid email or password from last update issue fix.

V8.1 -7th March 2022 (Auto update only)
- PHP version 8 support
- Login with Facebook issue fix
- Ecommerce coupon apply issue
- Formatted data for email of Webview & User input flow
- Action Button Settings flow display in Visual bot flow list.

V8.0.9 - 22nd February 2022 (Auto update only)
-Fix: Label de-assign issue fix
-Fix: Flow builder Instagram compatible element fix
-Fix: Comment automation offensive word action doesn't work issue fix
-Fix: Instagram private reply error fix

V8.0.8 - 13th February 2022 (Auto update only)
- Action button update usinng flow-builder duplicate error issue fix
- User input condition for label assign issue fix
- Facebook posting multiple image support (5 images)

V8.0.7 - 5th February 2022 (Auto update only)
-Fix: User edit option for Login with Facebook users.
-Fix: Duplicate entry issue if action button is selected during flow campaign edit.

V8.0.5 + V8.0.6 - 2nd February 2022 (Auto update only)
- Error in theme manager (the fix will effect from next update (v8.0.6 or greater), for now the issue will persist)
- Subscriber action webview data for showing issue for few users
- Minor fix for the last update.

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Download ChatPion v8.1.4 Nulled – Facebook & Instagram Chatbot,eCommerce,SMS/Email & Social Media Marketing Platform (SaaS)

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