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BuddyBoss - Platform Pro v2.1.7 + Theme v2.1.5

The BuddyBoss Platform Nulled adds community features to WordPress. Member profiles, active channels, direct messages, notifications and more!

BuddyBoss makes it easy for you to share your knowledge and passion in, building users increasing your income.

The platform provides structured learning, micro-learning, social learning, and gamification for active learning.

Online communication allows your subscribers or customers to connect under your brand. Participants can communicate and interact with each other on topics in forums and groups.

It can help you earn loyalty, gather feedback, add value, and engage your brand. Thanks to AppBoss integration, you can launch your own mobile apps and stay in touch with the community wherever you are.

connect friends BuddyBoss Platform

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Features BuddyBoss Theme and BuddyBoss Platform

Online Membership Program

Provide value to your members by generating consistent and reliable revenue streams. Use community and gamification features to keep your community active.

Corporate training

Having a central hub for training your workforce, as well as for communicating and interacting with employees is a key success factor in today’s competitive marketplace. BuddyBoss helps you focus on your student experience and learning.

custom everything with BuddyBoss Platform

Non-profit organizations

Reduce education and training costs with structured online courses for your staff and volunteers. Provide training in important skills such as fundraising effectively or writing grant applications to help increase funding for your organization.

Using community functions to care for your employees, volunteers and interested parties, to provide them with great value can affect your reputation.

Online school and blended learning

Online education is growing faster than ever. BuddyBoss helps you create a flexible learning environment that supports your students from anywhere in the world.

Changelog BuddyBoss – Platform Theme Nulled Free

= v2.1.7 =
* Updater - Provided 'Release Notes' modal to show information about the release

= v2.1.6 =
* Moderation - Small improvement for blocked and suspended members names and avatars

= v2.1.5 =
* Zoom - Handled edit meeting minor layout issue with the sidebar

=== v2.1.4 ===​
Zoom - Handled Zoom Gutenberg block CSS class not getting added issue
File Changes:​

= v2.1.3.1 =
* Core - Handled updater critical issue by reverting the latest refactored code

= v2.1.3 =
* Zoom - Handled zoom meeting count-down translation issue
* Core - Code refactoring by using transients to optimize the check updates logic for the plugin

Version 2.1.1
Release date: Aug 17, 2022
Core - Small improvements to plugin updates logic by reducing the number of requests to check updates
File Changes:

= v2.1.0.2 =
* Fixed versioning issue

= v2.0.7 =
* Notifications - Handled Activity comment auto-generated notification incorrect text issue
* Forums - Handled small Forums widget issue shows wrong discussion count
* Activity - Handled activity comment @mention issue gets converted into HTML markup on post
* Media - Handled document upload double extension issue on document directory screen
* Media - Handled symlink option gets enabled issue when activity settings updated
* Media - Small improvement to fix console JS error when video popup is closed
* Messages - Handled private messages right click and paste action issue, adds duplicate copies from the clipboard
* Core - Icon Pack updated with latest icons
* REST API - Handled get activity videos API endpoint issue
* Compatibility - Handled 'GeoDirectory' broken listing layout compatibility issue

= v2.0.5 =
* Zoom - Handled add meeting/webinar performance issue by processing notifications and emails in the background

= v2.0.4 =
* Zoom - Updated Zoom Client WebSDK to 2.4.0
* Coding Standards - Code refactoring to support different notification types for custom development

= v2.0.3 =
* Theme Options - Handled maintenance mode page description field shortcode support issue
* Profiles - Handled UI issue when accepting connection request
* Forums - Small improvement to hide scrubber when reply count less than 10
* Coding Standards - Code refactoring to handle warnings and notices
* LearnDash - Handled currency not showing issue for closed access mode courses
* LifterLMS - Handled broken certificate template issue
* Events Calendar Pro - Handled past events not showing issue in search results
* Yoast SEO - Handled update profile action critical conflict in the admin dashboard
* Compatibility - Code refactoring to fix a bunch of PHP 8 compatibility issues
* Compatibility - Handled 'Thrive Architect' video compatibility issue

= v2.0.2 =
* Notifications - Added icon support for notification avatar based on the notification type
* Blog - Enhanced style for blog posts screens
* Theme Options - Provided new color options for BuddyPanel
* Theme Options - Handled 404 page custom image not working issue
* Styling - Handled a bunch of miscellaneous styling issues for 1.0 and 2.0
* Styling - Handled blocks, input, and checkboxes border radius styling issues to keep consistent
* Styling - Handled button and input field hover and focus shadow styling issue to keep consistent
* Styling - Handled custom font not working issue for tooltips
* Styling - Handled table block alignment issue
* Styling - Handled vertical navigation layout issues for profile and group
* Header - Handled sub-menu dropdown color issue
* Header - Handled sub-menu dropdown multiple level layout issues
* Footer - Handled email icon not visible issue
* Profiles - Handled delete account warning style issue
* Profiles - Improved multi-select field in edit profile
* Profiles - Handled Custom Profile dropdown styling issue
* Groups - Handled long group name and group type string UI issue on single group screen
* Messages - Handled send message alignment issue
* Messages - Handled message thread dropdown read/unread hover UI issue
* BuddyPanel - Handled menu custom icon alignment issue
* BuddyPanel - Handled stick to bottom layout issue for sections
* Zoom - Handled group zoom screen layout issues
* Coding Standards - Code cleanup and refactoring
* Coding Standards - Handled icon library to load minified version
* LearnDash - Handled wrong course count issue when filter applied
* Elementor - Provided new skin for Profile Completion widget
* Elementor - Handled elementor icon conflict issue
* GamiPress - Handled members and connection widgets active members icon overlapping issue
* WooCommerce - Handled order details not working issue when product deleted

= =
* Messages - Fixed send message critical security issue

= v2.0.1 =
* Theme Options - Handled header styles not showing issue when BuddyPanel not configured
* Menus - Handled page critical issue for icon picker updates
* Coding Standards - Small code refactoring for icons pack CSS file
* LifterLMS - Handled public lesson layout issue on the private network

= v1.8.9.1 =
* Updater - Improvements to updater code

= v1.8.8 =
* Theme Options - Removed Redux framework unwanted files

= v1.8.5 =
* Profiles - Fixed profile type search settings to show when the Network Search component is active
* Profiles - Fixed exported data to show profile type field value to name instead of id
* Groups - Fixed changing group photo updates user avatar temporarily in the header
* Forums - Fixed discussion reply notification issue showing wrong member name
* Activity - Fixed public URL link preview issue for private network
* Media - Fixed bunch of non-translatable strings related to the media component
* Media - Fixed missing 'video-js-rtl.min.css' file error when a site using RTL language
* Text Editor - Fixed HTML copy paste issue
* LearnDash - Code refactoring to fix warnings and notices
* REST API - Fixed sign up user exists endpoint error message status code in the API
* REST API - Fixed activity uploaded media order in the API

= v1.7.6 =
* Profiles - Fixed change password critical issue
* Forums - Fixed issue with discussion tags not getting saved on update
* Activity - Fixed forum discussion activity > quick reply > upload media access control issue
* Activity - Fixed activity permission issue when group privacy changes from Public to Private and vice versa
* Activity - Fixed URL preview attachment deletion issue on deleting activity
* Activity - Fixed activity comment more options dropdown UI issue
* Media - Fixed video issue on specific servers by handling symbolic link file extension
* Media - Fixed photos directory create album popup UI issue
* Media - Fixed profile upload photos minor UI issue
* Media - Fixed video thumbnail issue for iPhone device
* Media - Small code enhancement to check if symlink function disabled on the server
* Messages - Fixed message thread performance issue by not loading all members at once
* Connections - Fixed members widget issue when connection component disabled
* Member Access Controls - Fixed notification email issue getting sent to the suspended members
* Network Search - Fixed members count in search results when profile type set to hidden
* Registration - Fixed forgot password issue when Group component disabled
* Widgets - Fixed 'Members I am Following' and 'Members Following Me' widget settings issue
* Coding Standards - Improved SQL queries
* Coding Standards - Small improvement to escape attribute in the network search template
* Elementor - Fixed Elementor conflict with forums parent option in admin
* REST API - Fixed long thread performance issue in messages endpoint
* REST API - Fixed messages thread members performance issue in API
* Compatibility - Fixed 'WP Offload Media' plugin PDF document preview not generated issue
* Compatibility - Fixed 'WP Offload Media' plugin general compatibility issues
* Compatibility - Fixed 'Events Manager' plugin conflict
* Compatibility - Fixed 'ACF Frontend Pro' plugin critical issue

= v1.7.5 =
* Moderation - Added moderation support for the Video module
* Moderation - Improvements to report media instead of reporting activity post internally
* Moderation - Fixed issue showing hidden media on edit activity post
* Profiles - Fixed edit profile repeater field issue not allowing to add new instance
* Profiles - Fixed duplicate fields issue in the admin when adding too many at once from the edit profile screen
* Groups - Fixed issue to not show My Group tab in Videos and Photos directory page when Group component disabled
* Forums - Fixed discussion pagination issue when 'Discussions by Last Post' configured
* Media - Fixed minor issue with .m4v video support
* GamiPress - Fixed gamipress badges UI issue in the activity feed
* Compatibility - Fixed moderation conflict with Avada Builder Plugin
* REST API - Fixed Repeater field issue in the API endpoint
* REST API - Fixed API issue when Push Notification component disabled
* REST API - Provided embeddable report link for media, document, and video in the API endpoint
* REST API - Fixed Group type issue in the Groups endpoints showing HTML markup
* REST API - Fixed API compatibility issue also with Avada Builder Plugin

= v1.7.3 =
* Profiles - Fixed profile action button minor UI issue
* LearnDash - Fixed compatibility issue with 'LearnDash LMS - Course Grid' plugin
* LearnDash - Fixed Learndash issue to show right participants count in lesson sidebar
* LearnDash - Fixed issue with lesson sidebar scroll in responsive view
* LearnDash - Fixed draft course preview issue with featured image layout

= v1.7.2 =
* Moderation - Added styling to show Report button less prominent in the dropdown for all content types
* Forums - Fixed critical issue on deactivating BuddyBoss Platform

= v1.7.1.1 =
* Activity - Fixed critical error when Forums component disabled

= v1.7.0.1 =
* Compatibility - Improved tablet view for BuddyBoss Mobile App

= 1.7.0 =
* Videos - Added styling for new Videos features from BuddyBoss Platform
* Notifications - Added styling for new On-Screen Notifications features from BuddyBoss Platform

= v1.6.7.2 =
* Theme Options - Provided TikTok, Telegram, and ClubHouse options for footer Social Links

= v1.6.7.1 =
* Forums - Fixed media link embed issue in Forum discussion and replies

= 1.6.7 =
* Theme Options - Fixed important issue to clear transient on theme update
* GamiPress - Fixed blocks alignment compatibility issues with 'GamiPress - BuddyBoss integration'
* Translations - Updated German (formal) language files

= BuddyBoss Theme - Version 1.6.6​ =
Release date: May 17, 2021

Profiles - Improved mobile layout when profile navigation configured to show vertically
Members - Fixed members listing online indication UI issue
Groups - Activity feed alignment issue when group navigation configured to show vertically
Network Search - Fixed styling issue with members search results
Network Search - Small code improvement
LearnDash - Fixed focus mode scroll issue in the Course navigation
LearnDash - Fixed course breadcrumbs background color issue
LearnDash - Fixed LearnDash 'Course Grid' plugin template issue
LifterLMS - Fixed view and share Certificates issue
WooCommerce - Fixed outdated template notice after WooCommerce latest update
Elementor - Fixed post and page error on edit with Elementor
Elementor - Fixed issue with the facebook logo hidden when post edited
Events Calendar Pro - Fixed layout when 'Enable updated designs for all calendar views' checked
Events Calendar Pro - Fixed search style issue on events pages
Events Calendar Pro - Fixed redirection issue with Login to Purchase
Translations - Updated German (formal) language files
Compatibility - Fixed magnific popup js conflict with Platform

= v1.6.5 =
* Forums - Fixed closed discussion reply issue shows two instances on photo upload
* Messages - Fixed chat responsive issue
* LearnDash - Fixed compatibility issues with LearnDash 3.4
* LearnDash - Fixed 'Instructor Role' plugin compatibility issue with Courses page
* MemberPress - Fixed checkout page critical bug
* WooCommerce - Fixed minor alignment issue with password show/hide icon
* WooCommerce - Fixed lost password page permission on Private Website settings
* GamiPress - Fixed compatibility issues with 'GamiPress - BuddyBoss integration'
* Elementor - Fixed issue with the Video elements not playing
* Elementor - Fixed members widget height issue
* Elementor - Fixed header issue on BuddyBoss Mobile App

= =
* Messages - Improved Group Send Private Message screen
* AppBoss - Code refactoring

= 1.6.4 =
* Member Access Controls - Added styling for changes related to new Access Control settings provided in BuddyBoss Platform Pro
* Groups - Improved 'Send Messages' screen to allow members to Send Group Message or Private Message
* Notifications - Fixed notification dropdown issue where sender name do not show
* Elementor - Fixed issue with the header bar widget compatibility with WooCommerce
* Elementor - Fixed issue with the tab widget button link
* Theme Options - Fixed theme options styling conflict with LearnDash
* WooCommerce - Fixed issue with single product gallery where photos not showing

= =
* MemberPress - Fixed MemberPress login form password field UI issue

= 1.6.3 =
* Moderation - Added styling for new 'Moderation' component
* Media - Added styling for all the improvements from platform
* Theme Options - Fixed Typography, body font dropdown issue
* Elementor - Fixed Course Grid widget layout repeating issue
* Elementor - Fixed Members widget texts not translatable issue
* Compatibility - Fixed styling for plugin "BuddyPress Edit Activity"


Download BuddyBoss Platform Pro v2.1.7 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.