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Bricks Builder v1.5.7 – Build WordPress Sites That Rank

Bricks Builder Nulled – Create Rank-able WordPress Sites aids in the creation of Rank-able WordPress Sites. A visual design tool that is quicker, more configurable, and high-performing.


Create a visual representation of your whole website

Create Your Entire Site Visually

From the header to the footer, and everything in between, we’ve got you covered. In the builder, you may customize every aspect of your site… You’ll soon forget you’re on WordPress 😉

Put in some dynamic data. Edit and examine numerous breakpoints for a mobile-friendly, fully responsive website.

There are several clever tools that can assist you in creating better webpages in less time.

Your visitors and Google will adore you since you are so quick.

So Fast Your Visitors Google Will Love You

Bricks not only helps you design your site quickly, but it also loads it quickly. GTmetrix score of 100/100 right out of the box. There’s no need for an optimization plugin.

How? There’s no bloat, only correct markup, and all of your assets are loaded slowly.
Bricks is also a theme rather than a plugin. If you’ll pardon the expression, the entire shebang:)

Are you a non-designer? It’s not a problem.

Not A Designer

Use one of our pre-made templates to get started right away. Create unique theme styles to personalize any design.

CSS filters allow you to make visual changes to your photos. Any block can have an infinite number of gradients and form dividers. Make a color scheme that complements your brand. SVGs and fonts can be uploaded.

Do you require greater programmatic design capability? Custom CSS and JavaSript can be applied to the entire site or to specific sections.

Developers’ Paradise

A Developers Dream

Using PHP, HTML, and CSS, you can easily construct your own components. There’s no need for a time-consuming build/compile procedure.

To modify everything down to the color palette, store messages, and so on, use hooks and filters.

Add your own endpoints to the Bricks API to extend Bricks in any manner you can think of. What are your plans for the future?

Changelog: Bricks Builder – Build WordPress Sites That Rank

Nov 4, 2022 - v1.5.7
NOTE: If the dynamic data picker inside the builder does not automatically add the curly brackets {} around the dynamic data tag, please re-download 1.5.7 from your account.
Full Changelog:
Related products: Add settings for alignment & image heightNEW
Remove custom admin_footer_textNEW
Image: Parse dynamic data in the “External URL” fieldNEW
New dynamic data filter “:value” (useful for certain dynamic data in element conditions)NEW
Update default WooCommerce templates (for WC 7.0.1)IMPROVE
WooCommerce: Product Stock (element & DD tag) not working with variable productsIMPROVE
WooCommerce Cart: Improve responsivenessIMPROVE
WooCommerce Checkout: Required fieldsIMPROVE
Code element: Skip code execution on builder loadIMPROVE
Element conditions: get_users outside of builder caused slow queryIMPROVE
Remote templates: Show error message in builder modalIMPROVE
Regenerate CSS files when saving a post inside the WordPress editor as wellIMPROVE
SwiperJS: Fix autoplay optionsFIX
Nestable tabs: Duplicated tab title/pane doesn’t update on canvasFIX
Pagination element: Hover styles apply to ‘ul’ instead of ‘a’FIX
Products Pagination element: Not showing when used inside of a single templateFIX
Element conditions: Element always rendered on frontend when window was opened through “View on frontend” builder buttonFIX
Form element: number input set to min=0 accepted negative numbersFIX
Accordion / Icon List in template element within page template loses its default styles (external files)FIX
Accordion: Copying styles copies items as wellFIX
Copy & Paste cross domain: Duplicated classesFIX
Sticky Header: “slide up after” with unit (px) breaks the slide-upFIX
Search results page + infinite scroll shows repeated resultsFIX
Query Loop with custom function: Styles not correct (template preview & external files)FIX
bbpress class name conflict: “display: none” elements disappear from the structure panelFIX
Post Content element: PHP 8 error generated by sprintf()FIX
Nav menu: Submenu color overrides active colorFIX
Mobile menu issue with open submenuFIX
Multiple mini carts on a page: First mini cart is always openedFIX
WooCommerce Cart page: Template element CSS file not loadedFIX
Theme Styles: Link styles not applied to WooCommerce elements (short description, etc.)FIX
Theme Styles: Form styles missing (external files)FIX
Theme Styles: “Related posts” had no controlsFIX

v1.5.6 - Oct 19, 2022
Full Changelog:
New CSS control property: “id”NEW
Improved border-radius builder controlIMPROVE
Bricks admin message: Show only for users with manage_options capabilityIMPROVE
Icon/Icon List/Icon Box: Cannot select SVG (ControlPopup)FIX
Class lock locks element ID tooFIX
Video element: Custom SVG icon doesn’t start the videoFIX
WooCommerce: Mini Cart isn’t scrollableFIX
Element conditions: “User role” condition not workingFIX
Customizer: PHP notice if no menu items existFIX
Related Posts element: Image height not working (external files)FIX
WooCommerce error when Bricks finds a possible query in the page but it is not a products queryFIX
Infinite Scroll: Not working properly on blog/archivesFIX
Form submit error: “No action” if form is on blog pageFIX
Letter Spacing: Missing default unit (px)FIX
Bricks templates included search resultsFIX
Nav Menu element: New “Text align” setting for mobile menuFIX
Dynamic data: Separator in post terms not working: {post_terms_post_tag: | }FIX
Double slash in default templates CSS file pathFIX
Builder: Custom taxonomy dropdown option missingFIX

Release 1.5.5
This release comes with a good number of improvements in regard to performance, workflow, and third-party plugins.
New Dynamic Data In-Builder Settings:
You can now show the dynamic data label (e.g. “Post title”) and/or key (e.g. “post_title”) in the dynamic data dropdown. There is also a setting to auto-expand the builder panel when the dynamic data dropdown is visible (in the same way the code control already works).
This is super helpful when working with a lot of dynamic data.
The dynamic data search now looks not only for the label but also the key (e.g. acf_property_price).
Got A Large Site That Is Lagging? Try This …
Take advantage of the new “Disable WordPress custom fields in dropdown” setting. It’ll skip adding the WP custom fields to the dynamic data dropdown in the builder. Those custom fields (e.g. cf_my_custom_field) are still parsed normally. Especially on larger sites, it can result in saving a potentially large query.
Full Changelog:
Element Conditions: New “does not contain” operand for dynamic data
Theme style & template condition: Support for post type “Media” (attachment)
Dynamic Data: Support for Metabox field type “switch”
Button element: New “HTML tag” setting
Dynamic data dropdown (builder): New settings to show label and/or key; expand panel; include key in search
New filter: bricks/screen_conditions/scores (to extend template & theme style conditions)
Improve bricks_is_builder_call: Caused conflicts with frontend AJAX calls (e.g. WP Grid Builder)
Control number: Remove mouse up/down listener
Mobile-first: Largest breakpoint should cover entire builder canvas width
Improve loading (performance) of local SVG files
Element Conditions: Don’t localize ACF true/false value
Bricks Settings: Use input type “password” instead of “text” for the “Remote Templates Password” field
WooCommerce Cart & Checkout pages always contained/boxed
Updated: French translation
Improved builder data sanitiser: Add missing ‘parent: 0″ to root elements
Builder data infinite loop prevention (logic addresses revisions & template inserts too)
Updated: VueJS 3.2.31 to 3.2.40
Image element: Icon not centered & “custom” HTML tag
Image gallery: Classes applied twice
Background video position
Background video set on non-desktop breakpoint was not rendered
Element Conditions: Add/delete was not using correct index
Element Conditions: Value is not accepting dynamic data tags
Rank Math: Missing images in the sitemap XML
Rank Math: Error on page-sitemap.xml
Dynamic data: For large postmeta tables, the page loading time was too high
Dynamic data: Add support for “@”
Sticky header: Sub settings not visible in builder on breakpoints larger than “desktop” (default)
Posts dropdown: Including post type “attachment” breaks query results
Button on canvas: “light” hover/ selected style
Image Gallery & Posts element: Gap issue

Sep 28, 2022 - v1.5.4
This week’s release contains our most requested feature to date: Elements Conditions (4600+ upvotes).
Element conditions documentation:
Originally labeled “Conditional Display Logic” we now refer to it as “Element Conditions” to avoid any confusion with the CSS “display” property.
If the element conditions are not met the element is not rendered on the frontend (it doesn’t hide the element via “display: none”).
As mentioned in the Academy article we’ll soon provide an Element Conditions API as well that allows you to add your own conditions to the builder interface. Extending the built-in conditions is going to be an ongoing effort as well. Which should go nicely hand-in-hand with our smaller, more frequent update cycle 🙂
Full Changelog:
Element Conditions (Conditional Display Logic)NEW
Link control: “Link to” using dynamic data should support composed linksNEW
Counter element: Add dynamic data support to “Count from” & “Count to” settingsNEW
Add “.has-overlay” class to element with gradient/overlay settingNEW
Updated: German translationIMPROVE
Updated: Norwegian translationIMPROVE
Updated: Hebrew translationIMPROVE
Updated: Persian translationIMPROVE
Colon removed from custom attribute nameIMPROVE
Shape Divider: Add “position: relative” to direct child elementsIMPROVE
Page Settings: “disable header/footer” doesn’t work when page is rendered via a templateFIX
Image element with tag + link + CSS filter on hover: transition issueFIX
Map element: Remove inner .div and apply all styles to map root (fixes height 100%, etc.)FIX
Dynamic Data: Error nested groups with MetaboxFIX
Builder: Avoid “Maximum call stack size exceeded”FIX
Nav menu: Sub menu active background color overridden by normal background colorFIX
Bricks > Settings > Custom CSS: Backlash breaks with external files loading methodFIX
Builder: Custom breakpoint naming collision with default breakpointFIX
Custom CSS: “root{” is not workingFIX
JetEngine Repeater: When pulling the repeater field inside of a posts query loop doesn’t workFIX
Paid Memberships Pro: Bricks content always showsFIX

Sep 19, 2022 - Release – 1.5.3
This version marks the first update in our new release cycle. We hope you enjoy it.
Full Changelog:
Copy & paste global elements cross-site
Cart: Add dynamic data to enable a custom list of products
Video element: Remove “data-bricks-video-options” attribute
Extend converter: Add “position: relative” to direct children of element with overlay (which uses position: absolute)
Stronger minification for bricks.min.js (now 18% smaller)
Pie Chart: Add support for color variables (bar & track)
Nav Menu: Show active menu styles in builder
Nestable Slider: ‘Items to show’ value injects CSS on lower breakpoints
Query loop in builder: Icon JavaScript error
Align Main/Cross Axis button (if selected) do not switch accordion to “Direction”
Linked icon: Styles not applied
Overlay: Explicitly set ‘position: absolute’ overridden by ‘relative’
Query Loop {post_title} text not previewing correctly in builder
Meta Box: Group field query loop not working when data is set programmatically
ACF Relationship (bi-directional) not loading featured image
Metabox Views: Inside query loop doesn’t pick up the right post information
Dynamic data “echo” tag: Using commas inside an argument not working
Margin/Padding placeholder values show always base breakpoint value
Accordion inside nested accordion not toggling correctly
Builder element action & spacing: Wrong position after duplicating or deleting active element
Testimonials: “Items to show” setting not applied

Updated: Russian Translation
Updated: Polish Translation
Skip loading theme styles for unregistered elements
Nav Menu: Styles not applied on frontend when “Show mobile menu toggle” set to always or never
Custom CSS: “root” missing space
Theme Styles – Disable Image Captions Not Working
Carousel: Items to scroll parameter is missing
Pseudo Elements: Backslash removed
Background Image: Custom size removes background-repeat
Fix: Icon/SVG HTML attribute render
Select control “clearable” property not applied (builder)
Posts element: “.image-wrapper” HTML is always rendered (Layout: List)
Query Loop + Pagination: Element Custom CSS not applied when page > 1
Dynamic Data: Featured image as background image is missing on Blog page template (frontend)
Fatal error when using ACF Relationship in a loop and pulling other ACF fields
Icon element: Inherit font-size for ‘i’ tag inside linked icon

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Download Bricks Builder v1.5.7 Nulled Free

If you are updating from 1.5, please make sure to read the 1.5.1 changelog entry first, as 1.5.1 contains multiple significant styling changes. Especially the position: relative change under “Breaking Change”. Thank you.

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.