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Blog Designer PRO for WordPress v3.4.4

Blog Designer Pro Nulled is a simple and easy-to-use tool for beautifying your website’s blog pages. It’s a popular plugin for attracting more clients and blog visitors to a website’s WordPress blog. With no coding knowledge, Blog Designer makes your blog section more intuitive. Beginners to website developers would find it extremely simple to use.

The Blog Designer plugin comes with 50 carefully created templates for various categories, with more to come in future versions.

If you want a category/tag archive design, Blog Designer is the ideal option that you have never seen before.

Every blog template has a variety of choices for managing your blog’s style and appearance, such as colors, font-style, font-family, and so on.


blog designer pro for wordpress demo 1
blog designer pro for wordpress demo 2
blog designer pro for wordpress demo 3
blog designer pro for wordpress demo 4

Features: Blog Designer PRO for WordPress

  • Blog layouts that are fully responsive: The templates are totally responsive and may be used on any platform, including smartphones, tablets, iPads, laptops, and desktops.
  • Compatibility with several browsers: All major browsers, including Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and others, are compatible with the templates.
  • Custom post types are supported: Create a blog template for your unique post kinds as well.
  • A sneak peek of the blog’s design: Before releasing a layout on the front end, preview the style or design.
  • Blog layouts may be imported and exported: You can quickly import and export your favorite layouts and reuse them on other websites.
  • Layout choices for archives and single posts: There are choices for all sorts of archives, including category/tag/date, author, and single post design.
  • Pagination with a higher load: There are four different types of pagination: No Pagination, Paged, Load More, and Load on Page Scroll.
  • Built-in social media sharing: On each post, there are built-in social share buttons and a tally of how many people have shared it. For social share buttons, there is no need to install/activate any other plugins. For mobile users, WhatsApp sharing has been included.
  • Support for Google fonts: With support for 800+ Google Fonts, you may improve the look of your blog page. Large font sets make it simple to transition your blog page design to a website layout.
  • Default settings and style: Every template has its own design and default style and settings. There’s no reason to be concerned if you lack design experience.
  • 50 different archive layouts: For your category, tag, author, and date pages, there are 50 various and unique archive layouts.
  • 46 different single layouts: There are 46 distinct single article layouts to choose from. This holds true for all article pages.
  • Duplicate layout: Duplicate your preferred blog layout, with all of its options.
  • Blog and archive layouts for import/export: You may quickly import or export your Blog, Archive, and Single Layouts for use on another website or in the future.
  • Post meta fields show/hide: Every blog theme has a show/hide option for managing post meta.
  • Use categories and tags to filter: Filtering your posts by category and tag.
  • Selected categories & tags are excluded: Want to keep certain categories and tags out of the post loop?
  • For blog visitors, a post like feature: To raise interest in your blog page, your blog visitors can like your post from the list.
  • Post title and content settings available in a wide variety: Use font-size, font-family, color, and other settings to customize the title and text of your posts.
  • Support for custom “read more” buttons: Set your own read more text, color, and background color, among other things.
  • Support for custom CSS: Custom CSS is supported to override the default template’s style.
  • Option for content selection: Show content from your blog under Post Content or Post Excerpt.
  • Change the length of the content: Content settings can be used to control the duration of a post’s content.
  • The following is a list of blog postings in chronological order: Sort your blog entries in chronological order using Random, Post ID, Title, Published Date, Modified Date, and so on.
  • Column space for grid layouts in the blog grid: For the frontend, you may manage the grid spacing/margin between posts loop.
  • Share the post’s featured image on Pinterest: Use the Pinterest share option to share the featured image from the post.
  • Support for related posts in a single post: With a single post page, show similar posts with 2/3/4/5/6 columns based on category or tag.
  • With a single post, previous/next: On a single post layout, show the previous/next post options.
  • Design of the category/tag layout: Individual category and tag layouts can be customized.
  • Enable/disable the link in the title of the post: Enable or deactivate the front-end post title link.
  • Override of a single post layout: You may personalize it with your specifications using the one-click single post layout file override functionality.
  • Text share in a single post: For a better user experience, add Share text to the single post page.
  • Developer action and filters: The developer may add or alter the output by using action and filter.
  • Slide after the post: Post Slide allows you to slide your posts in a gorgeous slider by category, tag, or author.
  • Single post layout based on category/tag: Differentiate the layout of a single post for multiple categories and tags.

Changelog: Blog Designer PRO for WordPress

= v3.4.4 = Release date: 24th August 2022
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 6.0.1
* Fixed: minor bug fix

= v3.4.3 = Release date: 13th June 2022
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 6.0
* Fixed: minor bug fix

25th February, 2022 (Version3.4.2)
* Added: Link Behaviour option for Read more button
* Added: Reset Post Count
* Added: Disable Font Awesome CSS
* Added: Added 3 designs in Scroll widget.
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.9
* Fixed: minor bug fix
* Fixed: Updated Visual Composer text

7th October, 2021 (Version3.3)
* Added: Title Box Shadow Option for blog, archive and single layouts
* Added: Content Box Shadow Option for blog, archive and single layouts
* Added: New Blog Template - "Accordion" 
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.8.1
* Fixed: Height relates issue with Boxy-Clean Layout 
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

20th July, 2021 (Version3.2)
* Added: Same height option for blog and archive layouts
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.8
* Fixed: Isotop Parent Category 
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

13th March, 2021 (Version 3.1)
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.7
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

22nd February, 2021 (Version 3.0)
* Added: Optimize Code
* Updated: Make compatible with PHP version 8.0
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.6.1
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

11th February, 2021 (Version 2.7.7)
Fixed: Minor bug fix

25th December, 2020 (Version 2.7.6)
* Added: New Blog Template - "Quci" in Grid Blog Template Category
* Added: New Blog Template - "Pedal" in Full Width Blog Template Category
* Added: Multiple selection box for post status filter
* Updated: Load users, posts in drop-down using ajax
* Fixed: Design issues

14th December, 2020 (Version 2.7.5)
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.6
* Fixed: Minor bug fix regarding email share

27th August, 2020 (Version 2.7.4)
* Added: New Blog Template - "Tabbed" in Full Width Blog Template Category
* Added: "Remove/add reply to email" option with email share
* Fixed: Font family issue with archive layouts

19th August, 2020 (Version 2.7.3)
* Added: "Delete data on deletion of plugin" option
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.5
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

6th July, 2020 (Version 2.7.2)
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.4.2
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

12th May, 2020 (Version 2.7.1)
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

26th March, 2020 (Version 2.7)
* Added: Easy Digital Download Plugin Support including archive and single page
* Added: Add more options with Related Posts in single post page
* Added: Added Sort by option at front side
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.4
* Fixed: Display two times social media in Roctangle Archive Layout
* Fixed: Blog post Height issue in Wise block, Brit-co, Famous layout when multiple layout on same page
* Fixed: Categories, Tags and Date Filter front side issue
* Fixed: Duplicate single product layout issue
* Fixed: Crayon slider issue
* Fixed: Import layout issue
* Fixed: Design issues
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

19th September, 2019 (Version 2.6.4)
* Added: Social share media buttons position
* Added: Isotop filter design variations
* Updated: Make compatible with WordPress version 5.2.3
* Updated: Optimize plugin
* Fixed: Custom post type single page issue

10th August, 2019 (Version 2.6.3)
* Fixed: Minor bug fix

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Download Blog Designer PRO for WordPress v3.4.4 Nulled

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.