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BetterDocs Pro v2.2.1 - Make Your Knowledge Base Standout

BetterDocs Pro Nulled will assist you in creating and organizing your documentation page in an attractive manner that will allow your visitors to simply access any assistance article. It will assist your customer make faster decisions and obtain support on the spot by allowing them to self-serve rather than avoiding lengthy conversations.


Features: BetterDocs Pro – Make Your Knowledge Base Standout

  • Stunning prepared template designs for your Docs landing page, Single Doc page, and Archive page that do not require any scripting.
  • Shortcodes and page builder widgets may be used to create and change the complete documentation page, or you can utilize the built-in theme customization option.
  • Table of Contents or Sticky TOC to deliver the best user experience possible
    Visitors may use the built-in sophisticated live search to find the precise documentation solution they need.
  • Advanced List View and Grid View are available.
  • Create and maintain distinct knowledgebases for each product.
  • Manage the responsibilities of your knowledgebase users and grant them access accordingly.
  • Analytics is used to track and assess performance.
  • Compatibility with Elementor Page Builder is perfect.
  • WPML Approved Plugin
  • BetterDocs Search Form, BetterDocs Category Box, and BetterDocs Category Grid Gutenberg Blocks make it simple to develop your Knowledgebase.
  • Create an Advanced Search and highlight Popular Docs with ready-made templates.

Changelog: BetterDocs Pro – Make Your Knowledge Base Standout

= v2.2.1 - 06/11/2022 =
- Improved: Added Category Ordering option inside Instant Answers
- Added: Shortcodes for Multiple Knowledge base
- Fixed: Analytics not working when switching to a different language on dashboard
- Fixed: Reaction count for draft docs are being counted for Analytics
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= 2.2.0 - 25/09/2022 = 
- Added: New Handbook Layout for Docs, Archive & Single Docs page
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.1.4 - 22/08/2022 =
- Improved: Added Individual docs Analytics
- Improved: Added "Views" tab for Analytics
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.1.3 - 11/08/2022 =
- Fixed: Elementor Deprecated functions error
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= 2.1.2 - 08/08/2022 =
- Fixed: Sanitized some missing strings

= v2.1.1 - 21/07/2022 =
- Fixed: Analytics Reaction graph not working properly for all time data
- Improved: Added option to change the Heading tags for Knowledge base titles
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.1.0 - 03/07/2022 =
- Revamped: BetterDocs Analytics with more key metrics and graphs
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.11 - 25/05/2022 =
- Added WordPress 6.0 Compatibility
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.10 - 19/04/2022 =
- Improved: Query optimization for role management
- Improved: Added border radius option for Advanced Search Popular keywords
- Fixed: Restricted Docs List still being visible to users from tags Archive page
- Fixed: BetterDocs not working for multi-sites
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.9 - 07/04/2022 =
- Fixed: Fatal error if a default WordPress user role doesn't exist

= v2.0.8 - 07/04/2022 =
- Fixed: Fatal Error while processing Role Management migration
- Fixed: Internal Knowledge base throwing Fatal error
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.7 - 27/03/2022 =
- Improved: Refactored Role Management module for better performance
- Fixed: Knowledgebase specific search not working
- Fixed: Restricted Docs still showing inside Instant Answers
- Fixed: Single Docs still being accessible in Knowledge Base Search result even if they are in the restricted list
- Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.6 - 06/03/2022 =
- Fixed: Doc page not found error if tag and doc slug are same
- Fixed: Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.5 - 02/02/2022 =
- Fixed: Category Box Layout 2 Shortcode attribute issue
- Fixed: Multiple KB Layout 4 not passing the name argument properly resulting in 404 error
- Fixed: Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.4 - 25/01/2022 =
- Added: Option to disable root slug for multiple knowledge base archives
- Fixed: PHP Error in Internal Knowledgebase
- Fixed: Instant Answer not checking form field validations
- Fixed: Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.3 - 12/01/2022 =
- Added: Advanced Search option for Elementor widget
- Fixed: Elementor Sidebar order option not working properly
- Fixed: Few minor bug fixes & improvements

= v2.0.2 - 23/12/2021 =
- Fixed: Multiple KB Elementor widget not showing properly
- Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

= v2.0.1 - 22/12/2021 =
- Fixed: Popular keywords not working properly in different languages
- Fixed: Sorting from Betterdocs UI is reflecting on Elementor widgets
- Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

= v2.0.0 - 14/12/2021 =
- Added: Advanced Search with Popular Trends option
- Added: 2 New Layouts for Docs
- Added: Popular Docs section
- Fixed: Internal KB not working perfectly with some selected user roles
- Fixed: Few minor bug fix & improvements

= v1.6.11 - 01/11/2021 =
- Fixed: Category sidebar not showing when Multiple KB is enabled
- Fixed: Internal Knowledge Base not working properly when Elementor PRO is activated
- Fixed: Instant Answer Cross-domain copy pasting throwing error when sending a message
- Few minor bug fix and improvements

= v1.6.10 - 17/10/2021 =
- Fixed: Multiple KB hierarchy not working correctly
- Few minor bug fix and improvements

= v1.6.9 - 29/09/2021 =
- Fixed: Instant Answers not showing when certain docs are assigned to display
- Fixed: Instant Answers reaction styling not showing properly
- Fixed: Instant Answers conflict with Translation plugins
- Few minor bug fix and improvements

= v1.6.8 - 22/09/2021 =
- Fixed: Instant Answers not being responsive
- Fixed: Single Docs breadcrumbs not showing properly when they are assigned in Multiple Kbs
- Few minor bug fix and improvements

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Download BetterDocs Pro v2.2.1 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.