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Barn2 Media WooCommerce Bulk Variations v2.1.3

Barn2 Media WooCommerce Bulk Variations Nulled – The all-in-one solution for organizing and displaying product variants. Bulk add and edit variations, then display them in a user-friendly grid or price matrix.


Display product variations in a user friendly grid
Disable purchasing to create a read only price

Features: Barn2 Media WooCommerce Bulk Variations

  • Product Variations In Bulk Added And Edited
    • On the ‘Edit Product’ screen, you may filter variants.
    • Only apply bulk actions to the versions you’ve chosen.
    • Change variation pricing in bulk, configure variation pictures, modify stock status, and much more.
  • Market More Variations
    • In a table, show all of a product’s qualities, options, stock information, and pricing.
    • Customers enter quantity and rapidly add many variations at the same time.
    • Ideal for clothes, wholesale/B2B, huge quantities, and more.
  • There Are Two Modes: Order Form And Price Matrix.
    • Variations can be listed with quantity boxes or in price-only mode.
    • Replace the default variation dropdowns with the variations grid, or place it anywhere on your site.
    • 100% adaptable and adjustable
  • Bulk Editing of Variations: Filter the list of variants and perform bulk actions only to particular variants. Bulk manage all of your product variation data.
  • Product Variations should be listed: Replace the dropdowns with a grid of bulk variations, complete with quantity boxes and buy buttons.
  • Everywhere it works: Enable the product matrix grid worldwide, for particular goods, or by utilizing a simple shortcode anywhere.
  • Various Layout Options: Select your rows and columns, as well as whether to show photographs, pricing, and stock for each variant.
  • Complements Your Theme: WooCommerce Bulk Variations is compatible with any theme and scales to meet all screen widths.
  • Works in conjunction with Quick View: Use it alone or in conjunction with Barn2 plugins like WooCommerce Quick View Pro and Default Quantity.

Changelog: Barn2 Media WooCommerce Bulk Variations

= v2.1.3 = Release date 13 April 2022
* Fix: Improved parameters passed to filter callback functions
* Fix: PHP warnings are displayed within Astra, Avada or Divi.

= v2.1.2 = Release date 11 March 2022
* Fix: Grid not displayin when attribute use Unicode characters (e.g. Hebrew, Chinese, Arabic, etc.)
* Tweak: Added missing filter and gettext function to Price header in vertical single-attribute grids
* Dev: Added filters to allow more custom bulk actions
* Dev: Updated compatibility with WooCommerce 6.3

= v2.1.1 = Release date 10 February 2022
* Fix: Fixed wrong number of parameters in WooCommerce cart validation filter

= v2.0.4 = Release date 12 January 2022
* Fix: Added two missing parameters in `woocommerce_available_variation` filter

= v2.0.2 = Release date 8 December 2021
* New: Shortcode can now be used without any parameter
* New: Improved accessibility of the grid and all its elements
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the cart handler causing a fatal error
* Fix: Resolved an issue with the product-level enabler not being stored when disabled
* Fix: Resolved issues with default quantities not being correctly initialized
* Tweak: Improved styling of the grid
* Tweak: Improved other minor details in the shortcode
Dev: Added a filter hook to activate the attribute label in the top left cell

= v2.0.1 = Release date 19 November 2021
* Fix: Shortcode returning an empty output for existing products
* Tweak: Improved back compatibility with the shortcode `variation_images` parameter

= v2.0 = Release date 15 November 2021
* New: Support for products with 3 or more attributes
* New: Feature to filter variations before using bulk actions
* New: Option to assign variation images in bulk
* New: CSS Grid layout
* New: Option to display images horizontally
* New: Option to hide prices when all variations have the same price
* New: Option to select global attributes to display horizontally and vertically
* New: Added support for WooCommerce Fast Cart
* New: Added support for Barn2 setup wizard
* Tweak: Styling tweaks and theme improvements
* Tweak: Improved add-to-cart message
* Dev: Added several action and filter hooks
* Dev: Added
* Dev: Improved performance

= v1.2.2 = Release date 2 November 2021
* Fix: Resolved issue with `lightbox` parameter ignored in shortcodes
* Fix: Resolved issue with script adding a variation after resetting its quantity to zero

= v1.2.1 = Release date 16 September 2021
* Fix: Resolved fatal error when WooCommerce is not active

= v1.2 = Release date 14 September 2021
* Fix: Resolved incorrect stock availability markup output
* Fix: Resolved missing columns/rows when attribute terms are equivalent in a loose comparison (e.g. "0" and "00")
* Dev: Code refactoring

= v1.1.9 = Release date 20 May 2021
* Fix: Resolved issue with Quick View Pro lightboxes being closed unintentionally.
* Fix: Resolved issue with 'Add to Cart' button never enabling when all variation quantities default to zero.
* Fix: Resolved issue with variation grid not appearing when every variation is out of stock.

= v1.1.8 = Release date 5 May 2021
* Fix: Resolved warning regarding photoswipe template when lightboxes are enabled and the theme does not already support photoswipe.
* Fix: Resolved issue with image lightbox while using Bulk Variations inside Quick View Pro.

= v1.1.7 = Release date 29 March 2021
* Fix: Added translation functions to missing stock level strings.

= v1.1.6 = Release date 18 March 2021
* Fix: Resolved issue with empty thousands separator crashing browser when total price is at or above 1,000.
* Change: Allow grid to display when price of product is zero.
* New: Added additional development hook to allow quantity inputs to utilize standard WooCommerce woocommerce_quantity_input_args filter.
* New: Added Bulk Variations to the WooCommerce Admin menu.

= v1.1.5 =
Release date 2 March 2021

* New: Added filter to table cell output for easier development customization of WBV grid.
* Fix: Resolved issue with zero value attributes being hidden from variations table grid.

= v1.1.3 = Release date 9 February 2021
* Fix: Resolved issue with taxes not being included in total amount calculation.

= v1.1.1 = Release date 3 February 2021
* Fix: Resolved fatal error on versions of PHP older than 7.2

= v1.1 = Release date 1 February 2021
* New: Added lightbox support to grid thumbnail images (enabled by default, disable in settings).
* New: Added stock indicators to variations grid (disabled by default, enable in settings).

= v1.0.8 = Release date 09 November 2020
* Fix: Added compatibility for OceanWP and other themes that are not using the woocommerce_template_single_add_to_cart hook

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Download Barn2 Media WooCommerce Bulk Variations v2.1.3 Nulled Free

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