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Asset CleanUp Pro v1.2.2.5 – Performance WordPress Plugin

Asset CleanUp Pro Nulled (page speed booster) – Plugin to optimize Website performance. Manage CSS & javascript files on Home, Posts, Pages & Custom Post Types (e.g. WooCommerce product pages, Easy Digital Downloads)


Features Asset CleanUp Pro: Performance WordPress Plugin

Asset CleanUp Pro
Asset CleanUp Pro (page speed booster) allows you to unload unused CSS styles & JS scripts on additional pages such as:
  • Taxonomy pages such as default WordPress’ categories, tags and custom created ones such as products’ categories from WooCommerce.
  • Author pages (e.g. the page showing all posts published by a specific author, detected via is_author() function)
  • Default WordPress Search Page
  • WooCommmerce Search Page (which has the same settings as the actual shop page detected via is_shop() function)
  • 404 Page (Not Found): this one has be as light as possible and it’s less likely that many of the CSS and JavaScript files that are needed here (detected via is_404() function)
  • Date Archive Page: this is any page that retrieves articles filtered by the date, detected via is_date() function
features of Asset CleanUp Pro Performance WordPress Plugin

*As for the loaded JavaScript files, attributes such as defer and async can be applied

There are a plethora of techniques that are often used to defer parsing; however, the simple and preferred technique is to simply Defer loading of JavaScript until it is needed. If this technique isn’t appropriate to use on your page, it is next suggested that you use the <script async> attribute where appropriate, which prevents parsing from blocking the initial page load by deferring it until the browser’s UI thread is not busy doing something else. All these settings can be applied with Asset CleanUp Pro without writing any code.

*Change the location of the CSS/JS files (could be moved from HEAD to BODY to prevent render-blocking or vice-versa if you need early triggering of specific files)

*Unload CSS/JS that is hardcoded (not loaded via the standard WordPress functions such as wp_enqueue_scripts()). The LINK/STYLE/SCRIPT tags could have been added via editing the PHP code (not using the right WordPress action hooks), directly inside posts content, widgets or via plugins such as “Insert Headers and Footers”, “Head, Footer and Post Injections”, etc.

 *“Test Mode” Functionality → Worried about making optimization mistakes? Don’t be anymore!

This allows you to optimize the website (unload useless files, set async, defer to loaded JavaScript files, clean up HTML code) without applying the changes “live” (to the regular visitor) in case you ever have any doubts that a change could break the functionality of the page/website. Any changes you’ve done will only be applied for you (the logged in administrator). Once you’re happy with how the page looks and works, you can disable “Test Mode” to push the changes live so everyone else can enjoy the faster page loads.

Changelog Asset CleanUp Pro Plugin: Page Speed Booster Nulled Free

v1.2.2.5 - 6 November 2022
* "CSS/JS Manager": If a handle has inline code associated with it, mention the size (e.g. bytes, KB) of that inlined LINK or SCRIPT (just like it's mentioned for the LINK tags with the "href" attribute and SCRIPT tags with the "src" attribute)
* Higher accuracy in detecting (for optimization) the LINK tags that are loading CSS/JS files
* Improvement: In case a WordPress installation has a subdirectory (e.g., make sure any assets that have relative URIs (e.g. /blog/wp-content/style.css) are all optimized properly

v. - 30 October 2022
* Improvement: If an asset is an unloaded through the CSS/JS manager and a preload (via LINK tag) was already set through another plugin (e.g. "Pre* Party Resource Hints") or within the theme, for instance in functions.php, make sure to strip the preloading as it's useless if the actual asset is not loaded in the first place
* "Plugins Manager" improvement: Compatibility with "Premmerce Permalink Manager for WooCommerce" plugin (if the URL of the product is changed, make sure the rules based on the "product" post type are still applied)
* If "SCRIPT_DEBUG" is set to "true", load the non-minified versions of the plugin's assets / read more:
* Fix: Make sure none of the plugin's assets are included within any combined CSS/JS files (if the options are enabled in "Settings")
* Fix: Make sure to offer fallback to "wp_json_file_decode" in case the WordPress version is below 5.9.0 (as compatibility with older WP versions is promised)

= - 6 October 2022
* By default, the front-end optimization is not triggered for URIs with query strings (as they are usually not cacheable); Make more exceptions and trigger the optimization when there are common query strings (the page is cacheable) in the URI such as the ones starting with "utm_", "mtm_", "fb_", etc.
* Better detection of the homepage in early checks for rules set in "Plugins Manager" by ignoring more common query strings such as the ones starting with "utm_", "mtm_", "fb_", etc.
* Higher accuracy in detecting WordPress core files (some of the undetected WP core files used to be shown in the "External 3rd Party" area)
* Higher accuracy in detecting a DIVI page builder: Asset CleanUp doesn't load any rules when /wp-admin/admin.php?page=et_theme_builder is loaded unless you want to -- read more:
* Cache Enabler Compatibility: Avoid the deprecated error related to "cache_enabler_before_store" by checking the version of Cache Enabler and using the right filter
* Improvement: Make sure all the unload rules from "Overview" are marked with red font as all load exceptions are marked with green font
* Fix: PHP 8.1 - Make sure substr() doesn't have any null parameters to avoid any errors
* Fix: When editing a post/page and "Classic Editor" plugin is activated (basically when the page looks the same as it used to before Gutenberg editor was implemented in WordPress), the "Preview Changes" button from the top right side box does not work if the CSS/JS manager is loaded

= v1.2.2.2 - 30 September 2022
* "CSS & JS Manager" -- ("Posts" | "Pages") -- Notify the admin if there aren't any posts/pages where assets could be managed - e.g. in fresh WordPress installations or when a website just doesn't have articles ("posts")
* Make sure Asset CleanUp Pro is not loading by default when DIVI builder previews are triggered (e.g. when the "et_pb_preview" query string is in the URI)
* Fix: Make sure the hardcoded assets are printed when managing the assets in the front-end view ("Settings" -- "Plugin Usage Preferences" -- "Manage in the Front-end")
* Fix: Added missing link to the special settings documentation post

= v1.2.2.1 - 26 September 2022
* Show any special settings in "Overview" -- read more:
* Make sure the plugin unload rules for REST API calls (read more: apply on AJAX calls as well (e.g. when a plugin uses jQuery AJAX code to fetch information from a REST API call)
* Notify the admin when the tracking notice is shown that he/she can manage this option in the "Settings" area (e.g. in case closing the notice box doesn't work because of some JavaScript errors on that page, coming from a different plugin or the theme)
* Make sure the user is redirected only once to the "Getting Started" page after the plugin is activated the first time (not after every re-activation as many developers are doing debugging)
* Reduce the number of DB calls when visiting the "Plugins" page within the Dashboard and the "License" page from Asset CleanUp Pro's menu

= - 17 September 2022
* Option to unload plugins via "Plugins Manager" when REST API calls are made via define('WPACU_LOAD_ON_REST_CALLS', true); that can be set in wp-config.php / read more:
* "Test Mode" now applies within the Dashboard as well (if there are unloading rules in 'PLUGINS MANAGER' -- 'IN THE DASHBOARD /wp-admin/') in case the logged-in user is NOT an administrator
* Do extra checks to avoid calling get_transient() when it's not needed on specific pages (to reduce the number of DB calls)
* Code that triggered anywhere now gets triggered on the front-end view as it's only needed there
* DB calls related only to the "Overview" page were triggered on all plugin's pages (avoid that)

v1.2.1.9 - 10 September 2022
* On pages without any unloading rules, do not make any DB calls or trigger extra PHP code to retrieve any load exceptions as they are irrelevant in this situation since the assets are loaded anyway
* Optimised the code to avoid triggering DB calls to the "options" table to check specific transient values
* Remove extra DB queries related to "post_format" as this taxonomy is irrelevant for managing in Asset CleanUp Pro
* When Asset CleanUp Pro is prevented from loading via the rules from "Settings" -- "Plugin Usage Preferences" -- "Do not load the plugin on certain pages" OR from "Do not load Asset CleanUp Pro on this page (this will disable any functionality of the plugin)" within "Page Options" area (when managing assets for a specific page), make sure the checking is done earlier to avoid an extra DB query that would become irrelevant if the plugin would not be loaded on that page

= v1.2.1.8 - 5 September 2022 = 
* Optimisation: Reduce the number of queries made to the database & trigger fewer code during early code loaded in Asset CleanUp Pro's MU plugin (e.g. to determine if the URI is a homepage, to determine the page type based on the URI)
* "Plugins Manager": Make sure the green font shows for any load exception rule that is chosen
* "Plugins Manager" Fix: When non-latin characters were used in the URI, some plugin unload/load exception rules were not working such as the ones based on the post type (e.g. post, page, product, tag) and taxonomy (e.g. category, tag, product category, product tag)
* "Plugins Manager" Fix: The load exception rule was not applied for plugins on taxonomy pages ('category', 'post_tag', 'product_cat', 'product_tag') when set using the following option: "On the following taxonomy pages:"

= v1.2.1.5 - 4 August 2022
* Flush "W3 Total Cache" (if the plugin is activated) object cache whenever the list of CSS/JS files is fetched by Asset CleanUp Pro to avoid retrieving the previous configuration after changes are made to the CSS/JS manager
* Improvement: Add more uniqueness to the plugin's JS code deferring the CSS to avoid any conflicts with other similar codes
* Fix: The requested URI was sometimes wrongly detected as the homepage, if some common query strings (e.g. "utm_source") were in the URI

v1.2.1.4 - 18 June 2022
* "Plugins Manager": Ability to unload plugins (and load them as an exception from any unload rule) on all taxonomy pages
* "Bricks – Visual Site Builder for WordPress": Do not trigger Asset CleanUp Pro whenever the page builder is used
* Fix: Better RegEx for detecting "@import" within CSS comments when optimizing the CSS, thus avoiding useless attempts to fetch the information from the @import locations, since they are commented and not needed in the final CSS version

= v1.2.1.3 - 28 May 2022
* "Plugins Manager": Ability to unload plugins (and load them as an exception from any unload rule) on the homepage (no more complex RegEx required) & on all "Category" and "Tag" pages (the default WordPress taxonomies)
* Fix: "Google Fonts" -- "Apply font-display: CSS property value" was not applying for hardcoded LINK tags when the Google fonts were not combined
* Fix: "Plugin Usage Preferences" -- "Manage in the Dashboard" -- "Fetch the assets on a button click": if the user updates a post (when Gutenberg editor is used), the CSS/JS manager loads, when it shouldn't as the admin never used the button to fetch the CSS/JS list in the first place

= v1.2.1.1 - 20 April 2022
* Fix: 'PHP Warning: Undefined array key "site_url" in [...]/templates/_admin-pages-critical-css/common/_applies-to.php on line 11'
* Fix: Load exceptions via RegEx for CSS/JS weren't always matched in PHP 7.1+

= v1.2.0.9 - 17 March 2022
* Added "wpacu_print_info_comments_in_cached_assets" filter hook for the option to avoid printing by default of plugin's comments in the CSS/JS files (e.g. the relative path to the file)
* Fix: Make sure that jQuery Chosen (the nice looking drop-down) is loaded and applied to elements (e.g. taxonomies list) within the CSS/JS manager if loaded from the Dashboard via "WP Remote Post"
* Fix: Preloading (basic/async) stopped working in the previous version
* Fix: Premium unload/load exceptions rules were not always applying if there were no basic ("Lite" version related) rules applied (which is irrelevant as the user can only apply premium rules if he/she prefers)
* UI fix: Async/Defer on this page was not taken into consideration as an applied rule when using the following layout: "Grouped by having at least one rule & no rules"

= v1.2.0.8 - 24 February 2022
* Fix: When a static page is set as a homepage in "Settings" - "Reading", any load exceptions set as "On this page" would not take effect for the homepage

= v1.2.0.6 - 1 February 2022
* Fix: Make sure all load exceptions for any unload rule are included in "Tools" -> "Import & Export"
* Fix: PHP Warning: in_array() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /classes/Main.php on line 931
* Fix: Whenever unloading on all [taxonomy type] pages was enabled the following type of message wasn't showing in the CSS/JS manager: "This stylesheet is unloaded on all category taxonomy pages."
* Avoid notice errors regarding taxonomies that do not exist anymore when having WP_DEBUG turned on by using term_exists()

= v1.2.0.4 - 11 January 2022
* Improvement: Load jQuery UI files locally, thus removing any unnecessary dependency on another site (e.g. not from "")
* Improvement: Escape as late as possible all variables when echoed
* Improvement: Replaced json_encode() with wp_json_encode() for better security
* Fix: When a word containing "calc" (e.g. calculation) was included in CSS comments, sometimes, the code following the comment was stripped

v1.2.0.3 - 30 November 2021
* PHP 8 Fix: 'PHP Warning: Undefined array key "critical_css_disabled"' in /templates/admin-page-overview.php
* Fix: 'Error: The security check has failed.0' when loading the CSS/JS list via the 'Direct' method within the Dashboard

= v1.2.0.2- 23 November 2021
* Added the "wpacu_settings" filter - add_filter() - so the plugin's "Settings" can be altered via code (e.g. adding if clauses programmatically to alter the value of a certain textarea or have an option disabled on specific pages) when necessary
* Prevent the following option from being accidentally disabled: 'Ignore dependency rule and keep the "children" loaded' (e.g. in rare cases, some CSS/JS have dependencies on certain pages only)
* Fix: Added nonce checks for every WordPress AJAX call to improve security

v1.2.0.1 - 14 September 2021
* Automatically preload any combined JS files within the BODY tag (that do not have any "defer" or "async" attribute) to improve the Google PageSpeed Insights score for the following: "Preload key requests"
* Reorganised the layout for "Manage in the Dashboard" from "Settings" -> "Plugin Usage Preferences"
* Fix: When minifying CSS content, do not strip the extra calc() when something like the following is used: "calc( 50% - 22px ) calc( 50% - 22px )"
* Fix: When Gutenberg editor is used and the post is updated, sometimes the CSS/JS manager is reloaded BEFORE the changes are saved showing the same state as it used to be confusing the admin that the changes weren't applied

v1.1.9.9 - 31 July 2021
* Compatibility with FlyWheel hosting accounts (and other hosting accounts using the same pattern): The WordPress root directory is different than the ABSPATH one in relation to the "wp-content" directory where all or most of the CSS/JS files are located (e.g. the file size wasn't calculated for the static files before this change, which is needed for certain plugin functionality such as calculating small files for inlining)
* Compatibility fix: Whenever the 'active_plugins' option is updated incorrectly by another plugin, it might contain the filtered list done via "option_active_plugins" and not the original list; Put back the missing plugins to avoid ending up with site-wide deactivated plugins (the ones with unloading rules in "Plugins Manager")
* Avoid the same database query to be called more than once within the assetCleanUpHasNoLoadMatches() function
* Limit the number of fields that are submitted whenever CSS/JS manager is used by re-organizing the fields' structure; Disable certain inputs that are at the time irrelevant for submitting (it helps if max_input_vars from php.ini is set to the default 1000 which is a low number for large forms)
* "Overview" page change: Highlight posts that are not "publish" or "private" within the "Page Options" area
* Do not add any CSS/JS manager link to the post's actions if the post is not "publish" or "private" (within "All Posts" page - /wp-admin/edit.php)
* Order in alphabetical order the unloaded plugins from the top admin bar "Asset CleanUp Pro" menu

= v1.1.9.7 - 15 July 2021
* "Plugins Manager" Multisite compatibility: Make sure network-activated plugins are fully manageable (e.g. only plugins activated per site were showing)
* If "Contract All Groups" & "Expand All Groups" buttons are used, make sure the state (contracted or expanded) whenever the admin manages the assets again (the following option is updated in the background: "Settings" -> "Plugin Usage Preferences" -> "On Assets List Layout Load, keep the groups:")
* Fix: "Uncaught ReferenceError: wpacuLoadCSS is not defined" was sometimes showing. It's been fixed by updating the fallback script needed for CSS async preloading (e.g. for browsers that do not support it by default)
* Fix: "Warning: Constant WPACU_PREVENT_ANY_FRONTEND_OPTIMIZATION already defined"

= - 3 July 2021
* The meta box "Asset CleanUp Pro: Page Options" has had its contents moved to the "Page Options" area from the CSS/JS manager in any location the assets are managed
* Added "Page Options" for the homepage as well (e.g. latest posts) besides posts, pages, and any public custom post types (e.g. WooCommerce product pages)
* Prevent the plugin from triggering when WooCommerce API calls are made
* Make no PHP errors are logged due to $allEnabledLocations not being initially declared as an empty array
* When checking if critical CSS is enabled for any custom taxonomy/post type, make sure to ignore the inactive ones (e.g. a taxonomy that is not used anymore)
* Make sure the following option works well when non-Latin characters are in the URI: "Do not load the plugin on certain page"
* Fix: When hovering over the post's title in the Dashboard's posts list (either post, page, or custom post type), make sure "Manage CSS & JS" is only shown to the right admins to avoid any confusion
* Fix: When assets' list is fetched, WP Rocket was disabled which made some plugins/themes that are directly calling WP Rocket functions to generate fatal errors
* Fix: Make sure the handles with the following option always get unloaded: 'Ignore dependency rule and keep the "children" loaded'
* Fix: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare assetCleanUpClearAutoptimizeCache() - if both plugins (Lite & Pro) are activated

= v1.1.9.5 - 26 May 2021
Make sure the plugin can be updated via WP CLI (so far, the update was visible within the Dashboard in /wp-admin/)
Option to skip Autoptimize cache clearing via using the "WPACU_DO_NOT_ALSO_CLEAR_AUTOPTIMIZE_CACHE" constant (e.g. set to 'true' in wp-config.php)
Fix: Make sure that applying to unload on all pages of a certain post type works from "CSS & JS MANAGER" (which is the new place for managing CSS/JS files within the Dashboard, outside the edit post/page area)
Fix: Manage assets didn't work on "CSS & JS MANAGER" -> "Homepage" tab if the actual page was a static one set in "Settings" -> "Reading"

= v1.1.9.4 - 16 May 2021
* New Option: Manage assets loading for posts, pages and custom post types within "CSS & JS MANAGER" -> "MANAGE CSS/JS" without the need to go to edit post/page area which is often bulky and could have too many fields from the theme & other plugins leading to a higher number then tha one set in php.ini for "max_input_vars"
* Higher accuracy in preventing the plugin from triggering when there are REST requests
* Fix: Make sure RegEx rules for unloading plugins/assets are working well when non-latin characters are in the URI
* Fix: Make sure the plugin works well (e.g. without any PHP errors) if the plugins' directory is changed (e.g. from "plugins" to "plugins-custom-name")
* Fix: Critical CSS was not showing in the front-end view for all page type
* Debugging purposes: Prevent CSS/JS from loading based on the media query via /?wpacu_no_media_query_load_for_css & /?wpacu_no_media_query_load_for_js

= v1.1.9.3 - 25 April 2021
* Option to manage critical CSS (in "CSS & JS Manager" &#187; "Manage Critical CSS") from the Dashboard (add/update/delete), while keeping the option to use the "wpacu_critical_css" hook for custom/singular pages
* Improvement: Make sure "&display=" is added (if enabled) to Google Fonts links if their URL is changed to fit in JSON formats or JavaScript variables
* Fix: Make sure managing CSS/JS for taxonomies from the Dashboard (e.g. when editing a category) works 100%
* Fix: Clearing load exceptions from "Overview" didn't work for all pages of a certain post type

= v1.1.9.2 - 16 April 2021 =
* Divi builder edit mode: Allow Asset CleanUp Pro to trigger plugin & CSS/JS unload rules when the page editor is on to make the editor load faster via define('WPACU_LOAD_ON_DIVI_BUILDER_EDIT', true); that can be set in wp-config.php / read more:
* Cache Enabler (compatibility with older versions): Make sure deprecated "cache_enabler_before_store" hook is in use
* Unload "photoswipe" fix: If WooCommerce's PhotoSwipe was unloaded, empty dots were printed at the bottom of the page from unused/unneeded HTML (hide it by marking the DIV with the "pswp" class as hidden)
* Improvement: Only use 'type="text/css"' when it's needed (e.g. an older theme is used that doesn't support HTML5)
* Improvement: Make SweetAlert2 independent (styling, functionality) from other SweetAlert scripts that might be loaded from other plugins/themes (e.g. "WooCommerce Quickbooks Connector" export in an edit product page was not working)
* Fix: Better detection for the homepage (e.g. the latest posts page was mistaken with the homepage in the front-end view of the CSS/JS manager)
* Fix: Better detection for the singular page; Make sure the latest posts page such as the "Blog" one is also checked)
* Fix: Make sure the license deactivation works even if the license is not valid so that it could be replaced with a valid one (e.g. a null version was initially used)

Asset CleanUp Pro plugin will get the best performance when combined with WP Rocket plugin

Download Asset CleanUp Pro v1.2.2.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.