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AMP For WP v1.0.77.52 (+Extension Bundle) – Best AMP Plugin

AMP for WP Nulled automatically adds accelerated mobile pages (Google AMP project) feature to your WordPress site. AMP makes your website faster for mobile users.

AMP Page Builder: Convenient and easy-to-use page builder for AMP that helps create complex layouts without touching code

Complete AMP for WP experience

Complete AMP for WP experience

Loads instantly on mobile devices and is designed for greater engagement with Google AMP

  • Support homepage
  • Posts, pages and custom post types
  • Search, Archive and more
  • Built-in Automated AMP Page Validator

Make money with Advertisement with AMP for WP

AMP, Native Ad placements are placed throughout the design to help you insert your Ads in the most visible places.

  • 6 predefined ad positions
  • Smart responsive Google AdSense
  • Optimize AD . viewability
  • Sponsor label
  • In-Content Ads After X Paragraphs & Auto Ads
  • Support all advertising agencies
Make money with Advertisement with AMP for WP

Optimize SEO with AMP for WP

Search engine optimization SEO has been kept in mind at the development stage

  • Built-in JSON-LD support
  • Use the correct Heading tag
  • Fast SEO integration
  • All in One SEO
Optimize SEO with AMP for WP

AMP for WP has a powerful settings panel

You have complete control over every small area of your AMP page.

  • Color combination
  • More than 300 options
  • Easy to use
  • Designed for User Experience
AMP for WP Setting panel


Addons AMP for WP Plugin

features AMP for WP Plugin
AMP for WP unique designs
AMP for WP–page builder

Changelog AMP for WP Plugin

= (14th October 2022) =
* Fixed: Duplicate canonical URL when AIOSEO Pro is active. #5320 
* Fixed: Youtube embedded videos via elementor is not displaying in the AMP version #5322
* Fixed: Slide Anything image src not loading properly. #5315
* Fixed: PHP Warning Attempt to read property "post_type" on null #5323
* Fixed: While adding the multiple Webstories  on the website page, the image is not showing of the web stories the AMP Pages. #5301
* Fixed: Author names are not shown in AMP when the Co-Authors Plus plugin is activated #5319 

= (9th September 2022) =
* Fixed: Infinite scroll doesn't work with custom post type. #5309
* Fixed: Need to make it compatible with the Co-Authors Plus plugin  #5313
* Fixed: Slide Anything image src not loading properly. #5315

= (24th August 2022) =
* Fixed: "Back to Top link" option adds amp-animation & amp-position-observer script without its usage on page #5305
* Fixed: AMPforWP is creating "/amp" as an endpoint in Addon mode. #5303
* Improvements: Strange Exclamation mark . #5304

= (22nd August 2022) =
* Fixed: There is a compatibility issue with the latest version of the All in One SEO Plugin. #5306

= (11th August 2022) =
* Improvements: Added Super Related Posts plugin compatibility #5298
* Improvements: Added Inline Related Post plugin compatibility #5296
* Fixed: Fatal error while activating official AMP. #5300
* Fixed: Spotify Embed not working after version #5294
* Fixed: AMP Pagebuilder not loading with All in One SEO latest update #5299

= (5th July 2022) =
* Fixed: AMP validation error when youtube video is embeded with query parameters #5292
* Fixed: Instagram embeds not working when added with blockquote tags #5289

= (28th June 2022) =
* Fixed: Reduced the execution of JS in youtube embeds #5287
* Fixed: Instagram embeds not working when added with iframe #5289
* Fixed: Subchild menu items does not expand with UberMenu plugin
* Fixed: Incorrect default value in TPD #5286
* Fixed: Debug Warnings - Undefined array-key: row #5283

= (13th June 2022) =
* Fixed: Conflict issue with WPML #5274
* Fixed: Page builder modal is getting hidden below the header of the post/page editor. #5279
* Fixed: FAQ Schema For Pages And Posts compatibility #5278
* Fixed: Debug Warnings - Trying to access array offset on value of type null #5277
* Fixed: fatal error #5280

= (2nd June 2022) =
* Improvements: Added Marfeel analytics compatibility in AMP #5266
* Improvements: Added WP Table Builder compatibility in AMP #5270
* Improvements: Updated the email id in feedback form #5273
* Fixed: Instagram reels not working in AMP #5269
* Fixed: Preload Funtionality not working when Image is added #5260
* Fixed: AMP dashicons CSS overwrites the WP default dashicons #5265
* Fixed: Tel protocols not working in the AMP #5268
* Fixed: CTA links saving without '=' character #5267

= (10th May 2022) =
* Updated: TPD feature updated #5257
* Fixed: Resolved the issue of Image Gallery Carousel in AMP does not change the gallery view in posts/pages #5259

= (16th April 2022) =
* Improvements: Added REHub Comparison charts, tables Compatibility #5250
* Fixed: Debug Warnings - Undefined index: amp-license #5251

= (12th April 2022) =
* Improvements: Added Compatibility with GenerateBlocks plugin #5248
* Improvements: Added Web Safe Fonts in Google Fonts List #5242
* Improvements: AMP Option panel improvements #5239
* Fixed: White space in footer element between the posts of infinite scroll #5238
* Fixed: Invalid JSON error in console when using Plausible analytics #5142

= (6th April 2022) =
* Fixed: The Publisher Desk CDN URL added instead of Heroku link #5237
* Fixed: AMP Option panel improvements #5240

= (5th April 2022) =
* Improvements: Added New Guidelines in GDPR #5225
* Improvements: Added AT internet analytics support #5233
* Improvements: UI improved of feedback form #5223
* Fixed: Header and footer showing twice in new infine scroll #5238
* Fixed: AMP option panel not working with Tour Booking Manager plugin #5236
* Fixed: Font style not loading correctly on first page load #5224
* Fixed: The hamburger icon is not clickable when Font Icon Library is selected as CSS Icons #5243
* Fixed: Duplicate li tags removed #5241
* Fixed: Warning compatibility PHP 8.0 #5245

= (7th March 2022) =
* Improvements: Added The Publisher Desk Support #5213
* Fixed: Displaying a blank white screen when embed URLs are used #5193 (4TH March 2022)
* Improvements: Added new infinite scrolling experience #4791
* Fixed: The links in embed URLs are not clickable #5193

= (2nd March 2022) =
* Improvements: Added feedback form with auto email system #5223
* Improvements: Added new infinite scrolling experience #4791
* Improvements: Added An option to add lang_ and privacyMode values in Quantcast #5206
* Improvements: Added FireWork compatibility #5210
* Fixed: AMP autocomplete tag is not working #5217
* Fixed: Autoplay functionality not working in video module #5219
* Fixed: Fonts loading twice in Global font family #5220
* Fixed: Unable to connect to Matomo analytics #5221

= (18th February 2022) =
* Fixed: If the server-side cache is aggressive then the pagination URL with ?amp=1 is redirecting to non-AMP #5208
* Fixed: Errror getting in featured-image.php, on line 77 #5207
* Fixed: Need to keep the mobile redirection filter outside of any condition #5216

= (21th January 2022) =
* Fixed: Embed URLs not working with Amp takeover active #5193
* Fixed: Need to change Google Fonts display to optional #5191
* Fixed: Need to make compatibility of amp analytics in infinite scroll #5194
* Fixed: Current year is not showing in design 1,2,3 #5190
* Fixed: VKontakte social media not working in social media profile links #5196
* Fixed: PHP Notice: tag_rewrite_rules is deprecated #5197

Extension Bundle AMP for WP Plugin

  1. AAWP for AMP v1.0.3
  2. CCPA for AMP v1.0.1
  3. Conversion Goals Tracking for AMP v1.0
  4. Formidable forms for AMP v1.0.6
  5. Izooto for AMP v1.0
  6. LuckyWP Table of Contents for AMP v1.1.6
  7. Paid Memberships Pro For AMP v1.0.2
  8. Polls for AMP v1.1.4
  9. Post Views for AMP v1.0.4
  10. Reading Progress Bar for AMP v1.0
  11. Subdomain Endpoints for AMP v1.1.6
  12. Transposh for AMP v1.0
  13. AMP ACF v2.8.9
  14. AMP BBPress 1.4.2
  15. AMP Wordpress Cache v2.2.12
  16. AMP Caldera Forms v1.2.6
  17. AMP Classipress v0.8
  18. AMP Comments v2.7.14
  19. Contact Form 7 for AMP v1.53
  20. Call To Action For AMP v2.3.29
  21. AMP Custom Post Type v1.6.1
  22. AMP Easy Table Of Contents v1.0.5
  23. EDD for AMP v1.3.4
  24. AMP Email v1.0
  25. AMP Facebook Chat v1.2.3
  26. AMP Floating Button v1.0.8
  27. AMP Gravity Forms v2.9.34
  28. Advanced AMP Ads 1.19.29
  29. AMP JW Player Compatibility v0.5
  30. AMP Layouts v1.9.37
  31. AMP Liveblog v1.0.1
  32. AMP Ninja Forms v1.2.5
  33. AMP Opt-in Forms v1.9.43
  34. AMP Pagebuilder Compatibility v1.9.82
  35. AMP Pinterest v1.1.2
  36. Polylang For AMP v1.2.7
  37. AMP Pop-up v1.5.22
  38. Purge AMP CDN Cache v2.0.5
  39. AMP Rating v2.8.2
  40. AMP Shortcodes Ultimate v1.6.0
  41. AMP Stories v1.4.15
  42. Table Of Content Plus For AMP v1.6.7
  43. AMP Teaser v1.5.3
  44. The Events Calendar for AMP v1.4.14
  45. AMP for WooCommerce Pro v3.3.39
  46. WP Forms for AMP v1.3.10
  47. WPML For AMP v1.7.18
  48. Newspaper AMP Theme v2.0.40
  49. Recipe Compatibility for AMP v1.0.3
  50. AMP Pro Extension Manager v1.10.14
  51. Smart Sticky Header for AMP v1.0.2

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Download AMP for WP v1.0.77.52 Nulled Free:

AMP for WP Core Extension Bundle: 

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.