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Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP) v3.19.0

The finest WordPress plugin for Amazon partners is Amazon Affiliate for WordPress (AAWP). Increase the value of your affiliate page and earn money! Affiliate links, items, pricing, and discounts are automatically updated. You don’t have to be concerned about it! Choose from a variety of designs, apply custom styles, or create new templates to customize the layout of your website.


comparison tables

Features: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP)

  • There is no theme dependency: Because of our adaptable shortcodes and layouts, the plugin may be utilized with any theme available.
  • Data Updates That Are Automated: Product information (such as price) will be automatically updated using Amazon’s Product Advertising API.
  • Amazon Affiliate Networks: Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States
  • Tracking Number: The plugin generates affiliate links for you, with your unique tracking id.
  • Mobile-Friendly and Responsive: Designed for usage on desktop computers as well as mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones.
  • Caching: To decrease the amount of API queries, product information will be kept locally.
  • Templates Already Prepared: The plugin includes a number of well-designed templates, including horizontal and vertical boxes, lists, and tables.
  • Various Designs / Styles: Select from a variety of styles or use CSS to modify the plugin’s output.
  • Geotargeting: Don’t lose out on a referral by directing your overseas visitors to their local Amazon shop.
  • Tables of Comparison: Create a comparison table using our easy table builder to compare various goods.
  • Text hyperlinks: Using our shortcodes, you may include customisable text links into your running text.
  • Product Containers: Product boxes that are visually appealing and conversion optimized can be used to promote certain items.
  • The best-seller (Lists): Create automatic bestselling lists and customize the number of goods, such as top three, top ten, and so on.
  • New Arrivals (Lists): Draw your visitor’s attention to the newest goods in a certain product category.
  • Fields of Information: Individual product information (such as a price or a buy button) may be shown anywhere in your posts or pages.
  • Widgets: Make advantage of our ready-made widgets to display items in your sidebar.
  • AAWP Browser Extension: AAWP shortcodes may be created simply from your browser’s toolbar. Your affiliate link is generated with a single click.
  • HTTPS/SSL: Support for transmitting data via an HTTPS/SSL protected connection has been added.
  • Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages): Support for Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages has been added.
  • Tracking of Clicks: Support for “Event Tracking” has been added when using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or Piwik.
  • Templates that are unique: You may use our template engine to modify current templates as well as create whole new ones.
  • Extra Commissions & Amazon Prime: When suggesting new Prime subscriptions, you may increase your earning commissions by flagging Amazon Prime articles.
  • Filtering and Sorting: AAWP allows you to sort and filter created lists based on product title, price, and other criteria.
  • Administrative Area That Is Well-Organised: You establish the most critical parameters and change the output of the items inside your admin area.
  • Translations: The plugin has been translated into English, German, Spanish, Italian, and French.
  • Friendly to Developers: Providing unique functions, PHP templating, and WordPress hooks to developers.

Changelog: Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin (AAWP)

= v3.19.0 (7th November 2022) =
* New: Amazon Belgium is available as selectable store now
* New: "Welcome Page" in admin area
* New: "Products Overview" in admin area
* New: "Activity Logs" in admin area
* New: Advanced Ads Integration
* New: Added "Link Overwrite" field for fields variant in Gutenberg block settings
* Tweak: Use Textrea instead of text field for custom description in block settings
* Tweak: Verify SSL when connecting to Bitly's API
* Fix: Non-printable characters in ASIN lead to incorrect DB results
* Fix: `PHP 8 Deprecated: required parameter $table_row_id follows optional parameter $default_class`
* Fix: Tracking ID per block wasn't working for comparison tables
* Fix: Syntax error on PHP 7.2 or lower with Elementor
* Info: Updated & Improved translations
* Info: WordPress 6.1 compatibility

= v3.18.3 (21st August 2022) =
* New: Elementor widget
* New: Gutenberg block now allows you to define grid layout options
* Fix: Using the Gutenberg block, disclaimer wasn't displayed as expected
* Fix: Optimized several incorrect translations
* Fix: Assets didn't load properly when using the Full Site Editor
* Info: Updated translation files

= v3.18.2 (14th July 2022) =
* Fix: TinyMCE issue when using page builders like Elementor and Thrive Architect
* Fix: PHP notice `WP_Block_Type_Registry::register was called incorrectly`
* Fix: Updated translations
* Info: WordPress v6.0.1 compatibility

= Version 3.18.0 (6th July 2022) =
* New: Introducing Gutenberg Block incl. product search
* New: Classic editor now comes along with a button for generating shortcodes
* New: Affiliate links can be shortened to ``
* New: Comparison tables can now be duplicated with one click
* New: Tracking ID can now be replaced by post/page
* Tweak: Decimal places in the price information can now be hidden via settings
* Tweak: Shortcodes for comparison tables can now be copied to the clipboard faster
* Tweak: The plugin is now 100% translated into the following languages: Spanish, French, Italian
* Fix: The hiding of the price information in the case of missing price information, did not work properly
* Fix: Filter type `exclude` didn't work when showing offers only
* Info: Updated translation files
* Info: Updated plugin updater to version 1.9.2
* Info: WordPress v6.0 compatibility

= v3.17.3 (27th January 2022) =
* Info: WordPress v5.9 compatibility

= v3.17.2 (18th January 2021) =
* Fix: `Uncaught TypeError: method_exists` which sometimes occurred in the context of the `list-helper-functions.php` file
* Info: Updated plugin updater to version 1.9.1

= v3.17.1 (7th January 2022) =
* Fix: Improved escaping on settings page to address XSS concerns
* Info: WordPress v5.8.3 compatibility

= Version 3.17 (17th November 2021) =
* New: Included "max_input_vars" in debug information
* Tweak: Using new endpoint for license & update server requests
* Info: Updated plugin updater to version 1.8
* Info: Updated translation files
* Info: WordPress v5.8.2 compatibility

= v3.16 (10th August 2021) =
* New: Added `rel="sponsored"` to all outgoing Amazon affiliate links
* New: Added `rel="noopener"` to all outgoing links with `target="_blank"`
* Fix: Currency symbol/format for was incorrect
* Info: Updated all template files
* Info: WordPress v5.8 compatibility

= v3.15.2 (22th April 2021) =
* Tweak: Moved away from "spacer images" in templates
* Info: Updated template files `vertical.php`, `list.php`, `widget-small.php`
* Info: WordPress v5.7.1 compatibility

= v3.15.1 (18th March 2021) =
* New: Added support for Amazon Poland
* Tweak: Optimized bestseller results returned by the Amazon API
* Tweak: Removed no longer needed `simplexml` dependency checks
* Tweak: Optimized output of admin notice for AMP compatibility
* Tweak: Minor text adjustments on the settings page
* Fix: Geotargeting for Amazon Sweden didn't work as expected
* Info: Updated translation files
* Info: WordPress v5.7 compatibility

= v3.15 (9th February 2021) =
* Tweak: Optimized assets building and moved files to /assets/dist/ instead of /public/assets/
* Tweak: Optimized license data handling for better performance
* Fix: Click tracking incorrectly used product title when ASIN was selected
* Fix: Product images available as PNG file could not be displayed correctly
* Fix: Browser console JavaScript "sameSite" warning
* PHP v8.0.0 compatibility
* WordPress v5.6.1 compatibility

= v3.14.3 (11th November 2020) =
* New: Added support for Amazon Sweden
* Fix: The placeholder `%post_title%` didn't work as expected with special chars
* Fix: License check slowed down a site in case there was a response issue
* Fix: License check failed in case the plugin has stored a deprecated license server URL
* Updated translation files
* Plugin Updater v1.8
* WordPress v5.5.3 compatibility

= v3.14.2 (16th October 2020) = 
* New: Added filter "aawp_admin_menu_cap" for overwriting the admin menu capability
* Fix: Geotargeting didn't work as expected when a site's default store was set to Canada
* Fix: In a specific case, the plugin settings page tab "Amazon API" showed broken HTML output when informing about a connection issue

= v3.14.1 (22nd September 2020) =
* Tweak: Minor adjustments related to the license handling

= v3.14 (22nd September 2020) =
* New: Added Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) support for all templates incl. comparison tables [(view documentation)](
* Tweak: Optimized license handling
* Updated translation files
* WordPress v5.5.1 compatibility

v3.13 (17th August 2020) 
New: Introducing our \"Database Garbage Collection\" which regularly cleans up your products and lists database tables (view documentation)
New: As an affiliate, you can now enter your affiliate id on the settings page (tab \"general\") which will be taken for the credits link
Tweak: Removed deprecated and no longer internal functions
Updated translation files
WordPress v5.5 compatibility

= v3.10.1 (14th January 2020) =
* Tweak: Plugin now displays product data even when the API is temporary disconnected (Note: this data comes from the database directly and may be outdated)
* Fix: Geotargeting was applied to links which weren't placed by our plugin
* Fix: Shortcodes couldn't be hidden via settings when the API was disconnected
* Fix: Product price didn't show up when price data was stored with a comma instead of a dot as decimal point

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