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All In One SEO Pack Pro v4.2.7 + New Addons

All in One SEO Pack Pro Nulled is a premium version of the popular wordpress plugin, one of the best and most downloaded SEO optimization plugins for a wordpress website or blog. Improving your search results is easy – All in One SEO Pack Pro wordpress plugin is indispensable for SEO settings


Features All in One SEO Pack Pro

features All in One SEO Pack Pro
  • Create a 301 redirect for any changes to permalinks (URLs).
  • A separate description (description) and keyword (keyword) can be configured for each title and tag
  • You can specify robot values: index, noindex, follow, etc. for each individual post or page. (for all cached index types, noindex is configured the same way as in All in One SEO)
  • Image SEO Module (Business Plan and above)
  • Advanced Support for WooCommerce
  • SEO for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
  • Social Meta for for Categories, Tags and Custom Taxonomies
  • Support for Google Tag Manager
  • Advanced Google Analytics tracking
  • Video SEO Module
  • Greater control over display settings
  • Ad free (no banner adverts)
  • Access to Video Screencasts
  • Access to Premium Support Forums
  • Access to Knowledge Center

Changelog All in One SEO Pack Pro Nulled Free

New in v4.2.7 – Released on November 1, 2022
New: Merchant Listing schema – Our Product schema now fully supports the new merchant listing experiences from Google. We have also added support for shipping (autogenerated for WooCommerce), audience and various other product attributes that will help enrich your product snippets.
New: Site Name schema – You can now indicate a preferred site name, as well as an alternative name, for mobile Google search results in the Knowledge Graph settings.
New: Added support for WooCommerce Products to the REST API addon.
Updated: Improved PHP 8.1 compatibility.
Updated: Imported post data from RankMath and SEOPress is now immediately scanned for videos by the Video Sitemap addon.
Fixed: Google Tag Manager container ID is no longer output on AMP pages.
Fixed: Article graph properties could not be edited in the Schema Generator when using the Classic Editor.
Fixed: FAQ Page schema sometimes not output if it set as the default graph.
Fixed: Schema can now correctly include floats (without floating point rounding errors).
Fixed: Emojis in the metabox are no longer hidden when switching between the Classic Editor and Block Editor.
Fixed: Reverted sitemap namespaces back to HTTP to prevent a warning in the Yandex sitemap validator.
Fixed: Crawl Cleanup no longer strips key query argument from WooCommerce.
Fixed: Global container shortcode from Avada not being parsed when AIOSEO Pro is active.
Fixed: WP CLI sometimes throwing an error because of an undefined WP function.
Fixed: Database tables are no longer dropped on Lite plugin removal when Pro plugin was previously installed with the Uninstall option activated.
Fixed: Loading spinner doesn’t disappear sometimes after refreshing the link & suggestion data for a post in the Links Report in Link Assistant.
Fixed: Space characters are no longer stripped from the target URL during sanitization when creating/updating a redirect.
Fixed: Table of Contents block reordering sometimes not retaining new nested state.
Fixed: Table of Contents block is now more responsive to smaller containers.
Fixed: TruSEO content analysis now correctly decodes HTML entities before running its tests.
Fixed: TruSEO content analysis now correctly handles phrases with inline HTML tags.
Fixed: Taxonomy name smart tag now correctly supports taxonomy slugs with dashes in them.
Fixed: SEO Analyzer sometimes not correctly detecting robots.txt rules because of their casing.
Fixed: System Status info in Tools menu now displays the correct site language.
Fixed: PHP warning when Local Business Locations are included in the results of the search archive page.
Fixed: Logos in Webmaster Tools sometimes not rendered in Mozilla Firefox on Linux machines.

New in v4.2.6.1 – Released on October 11, 2022
Fixed: PHP error sometimes thrown when accessing admin in multisite installations.

New in Version 4.2.6 – Released on October 4, 2022
New: Emoji Picker – Choose from a multitude of curated emojis to add to the title, meta description and other fields!
New: Redirects and Link Assistant tables now allow you to select how many items you want to display per page.
Updated: SEO Analysis cache for the static homepage after updating the page, allowing for more accurate results.
Updated: Added support to Product schema for Merchant Listings and EDD variable products.
Updated: Product schema now automatically pulls the GTIN from the WooCommerce UPC, EAN and ISBN plugin.
Updated: Schema Generator UI improvements to improve the UX when adding multiple items like Product Reviews, Book Editions or FAQ Questions.
Updated: Redirect Slug Monitor notices no longer appear in the dashboard.
Updated: HTML Sitemap dedicated page field now only allows internal URLs to be entered.
Updated: Image SEO now also strips words from the filename if the word boundary is a number or underscore.
Updated: Facebook’s and Twitter’s image upload now have size descriptions to help choosing an image.
Updated: SEO Analysis for internal/external links now explicitly mentions internal links.
Updated: Smart Tags now have an icon to help remove the tag and a documentation link.
Updated: Optimized the Local SEO search query for better performance.
Updated: Removed deprecated SEO Analysis for keywords in title.
Updated: Access Control descriptions for Editor, SEO Manager and SEO Editor roles have been updated to better reflect their access to our addon plugins.
Fixed: AIOSEO no longer outputs a duplicate canonical URL on AMP pages in some cases.
Fixed: New posts no longer have an “Auto Draft” post title.
Fixed: Tooltips no longer clip at the viewport or parent element in our modals.
Fixed: Person graph for the author sometimes not output for posts with Article schema or author pages.
Fixed: Default schema properties are now correctly migrated to the Schema Generator for posts that use the default.
Fixed: Link title no longer bleeds over when editing one link and then another in the Block Editor.
Fixed: PHP warning when installing addons on sites using the WP VIP Filesystem class.
Fixed: FAQ Schema no longer outputs duplicate schema when using the FAQ schema from the Schema Generator in conjunction with FAQ blocks in the content.
Fixed: Sitemap stylesheets for sites installed in subdirectories.
Fixed: Removing the default schema graph inside a post no longer makes the Schema Generator fall back to the global default schema, allowing it to be blank.
Fixed: Automatically generated description no longer include the URLs from oEmbedded videos.
Fixed: Smart tags can now be removed on mobile devices.
Fixed: Image SEO compatibility with the Divi Builder plugin.
Fixed: Redirect test now shows the correct message when the test passes or fails.
Fixed: Admin notices can no longer accidentally display on the frontend of the site.
Fixed: After adding a new redirect the defaults for the next redirect will reflect the defaults from the Redirect settings.
Fixed: Redirects imported from “301 Redirects” plugin now have the correct target URL when the target is a page ID.

v4.2.5.1 – Released on September 9, 2022
Fixed: Modals sometimes not opening in page builder integrations.
Fixed: New posts are no longer pre-populated with an “Auto Draft” title.
Fixed: Setup Wizard sometimes timing out while installing additional plugins.

v4.2.5 – Released on September 6, 2022
New: Schema Generator – A full overhaul of our schema functionality. You can now add multiple graphs and custom schema to your posts. The Schema Validator enables you to inspect and test your schema with Google. And we’ve also added support for many new graphs, including Event, Job Posting, Movie, Service, Video and more!
New: Multisite Updates – Our multisite site features have been expanded and revamped. In the Network Admin, you can now manage activations, create/restore backups and export/import settings for the entire network of subsites!
New: Additional options to redirect 404s by their slug or to their parent page if the post type is hierarchical.
Updated: Moved the 404 redirect settings under a new Advanced Settings section with clear direction on why redirecting all 404s may not be useful for everyone.
Updated: Added support for NextGen Pro galleries to the image sitemap scanner.
Updated: FAQ block now duplicates the styles from the nearest FAQ block if the post already contains one.
Updated: Deprecated image sitemap tags have been removed per Google’s requirements.
Updated: Video Sitemap now includes a content URL tag for self-hosted videos.
Updated: You can now decide whether you want to let AIOSEO autogenerate your Product schema data based on the product data from Easy Digital Downloads/WooCommerce or manually enter it yourself.
Fixed: Conflict between AIOSEO IndexNow addon and WP Fastest Cache plugin where the IndexNow API key is corrupted by the latter.
Fixed: TruSEO content analysis no longer checks if the Focus Keyphrase appears in the URL of the static homepage.
Fixed: TruSEO content analysis not working correctly when the post type doesn’t support the editor feature.
Fixed: Adding a Focus Keyphrase in an empty, new post no longer triggers a loading spinner that doesn’t go away.
Fixed: Crawl Cleanup feature no longer redirects the WooCommerce password reset page to the homepage.
Fixed: Enhanced Search notification from Local SEO can now be dismissed correctly.
Fixed: Searching in the Redirects menu no longer breaks any functionality in the table rows.
Fixed: AIOSEO can now be correctly updated on multisites with a subdirectory configuration.
Fixed: Redirects now properly work for WordPress sites that are installed in a subdirectory.
Fixed: Redirects using regex patterns now work correctly if there is another redirect entry with the same path.
Fixed: When importing from Yoast SEO, all additional keyphrases are now correctly imported.
Fixed: No Pagination for Canonical URLs setting now correctly strips the entire paged query arg for paginated blog pages when the site is using plain permalinks.
Fixed: .htaccess file is now automatically updated with the sitemap rewrite rules for sites running on Apache that are using plain permalinks.

v4.2.4.2 – Released on August 22, 2022
Fixed: Issues activating addons from the feature manager
Fixed: Not all assets loading in the Block Editor.

v4.2.4.1 – Released on August 17, 2022
Fixed: API requests sometimes missing required arguments.

New in Version 4.2.4 – Released on August 09, 2022
New: Advanced 404 Redirects – Keep track of deleted posts and terms by redirecting to their direct parent or the home url with WooCommerce support.
New: Huge Improvements to Image SEO – Choose characters to strip, characters to convert to spaces, and the casing to convert to for the Title, Alt Tag, Caption, Description and Filename of images.
New: URL slug and trash monitor now allow adding a redirect without leaving the posts table or page editor.
Updated: Minimum required PHP version is now 5.6.
Updated: Redirect logs and 404 logs are now searchable and display referrer information.
Updated: Validation for .htaccess file changes before saving to avoid Apache server crashes.
Updated: Post types, taxonomies and archive titles can now be edited even while set to noindex.
Updated: Removed parsed keywords from the SEO analyzer and added a tooltip defining the analysis for the home page.
Updated: Alert when importing from a V3 .ini file as the post/term IDs need to be identical.
Updated: Removed outdated Knowledge Graph contact types.
Updated: Link Assistant phrase editor now shows a tooltip with the URL to the link.
Updated: Better compatibility with MonsterInsights and ExactMetrics headline analyzers.
Fixed: PHP 8.1 deprecation notices.
Fixed: RankMath migration issues when content is set to noindex.
Fixed: Link Assistant plugin conflict with the PowerPress plugin.
Fixed: AMP plugin throwing duplicate canonical URL error and MS Clarity error.
Fixed: Link Assistant suggestions not always being added in Classic Editor.
Fixed: Resetting options now correctly resets everything.
Fixed: AIOSEO’s addon specific notifications no longer show if the addon is not active.
Fixed: Classic Editor redirecting to Posts overview page when Link Assistant or Redirects tab was active in the metabox.
Fixed: Excluded/noindexed posts removed from the Sitemap’s language references.
Fixed: Bulk updating addons failing with version up to date error.
Fixed: Social settings not always migrated when importing from Yoast SEO.
Fixed: Translations not being used if any string contains a line break.
Fixed: Image Sitemap now correctly uses the ACF image value.
Fixed: Search Appearance taxonomy conflict with Avada Builder.
Fixed: Prevent home page from being noindexed in the Sitemap.
Fixed: Console errors with jQuery migrate when using the Classic Editor.
Fixed: Tabs not being preserved when editing the .htaccess file.

v4.2.3.1 – Released on July 12, 2022
Updated: Compatibility with PHP 8.1.

New in v4.2.2 – Released on Jun 14, 2022
New: Added an User Profile Social Tab to allow users to set their individual social URLs. Support was also added for additional social network accounts.
New: Translation API: New developer filter hooks to allow third-party translation plugins to localize AIOSEO’s data.
New: Image sitemap now is able to detect and include images in ACF fields.
New: Pre-publish panel now also includes a check for the social data (Facebook/Twitter).
Updated: Improved the performance of our TruSEO content analysis by running it on a separate thread.
Updated: AIOSEO’s post editor sidebar has been redesigned and is now easier to use.
Updated: Backwards compatibility with WordPress 5.0.
Updated: Removed deprecated sitemap ping endpoint for Bing.
Updated: Sitemap’s ‘Exclude Images’ option now excludes images regardless of third-party code using our sitemap filter hooks.
Updated: Added a new smart tag for the attachment description.
Updated: Excluded paths in redirects now account for the homepage.
Updated: When adding a redirect, the source and target URLs are normalized to prevent errors when redirecting.
Updated: Significantly improved the performance of our Link Suggestions algorithm, so that we can scan your site for suggestions even faster.
Updated: View/edit post links now reflect the post type of the relevant post row in Link Assistant.
Fixed: Access control for the post’s metabox now shows the correct tab for each capability.
Fixed: Some localizable strings not showing up on
Fixed: SEO Analyzer image alt attribute tags are now parsed correctly and are no longer blank.
Fixed: SEO title/description are now correctly output for third-party themes that significantly modify the static homepage behaviour.
Fixed: Prevent sitemap and IndexNow pings when the Limit Modified Date setting is enabled for a post.
Fixed: Elementor visual editor not loading sometimes when editing the content of a post.
Fixed: PHP error when the static sitemap is regenerated during a CRON call.
Fixed: SEO title/description now correctly update after editing it in the sidebar modal and closing it.
Fixed: Private terms are no longer included in the articleSection property of our Article schema markup.
Fixed: Inbound link suggestions sometimes linking to the same post.

New in Version – Released on May 24, 2022
Updated: Added support for legacy query arg sitemap generation.
Fixed: Issue with some AIOSEO addons not showing updates.
Fixed: Dynamically generated sitemap showing incorrect generated message.

New in Version 4.2.0 – Released on April 19, 2022
New: Added a brand new dashboard widget to help you quickly identify pages and posts that can be optimized to help your SEO rankings!
New: Added a second dashboard widget for users who have not yet finished the Setup Wizard.
New: Added an option to strip the category base.
New: Added internal integration with Smash Balloon’s Facebook plugin to automatically bust the Open Graph cache when a page or post is updated.
Updated: Disabled shortcode parsing by default for new sites and surfaced the option so users can disable it without filter hooks.
Updated: Sorted the sitemap posts and pages by priority, then last modified date.
Fixed: Setup wizard not always saving every setting.
Fixed: Manually entered person not working in the setup wizard.
Fixed: Conflict with WPBakery’s Visual Composer and our blocks.
Fixed: Clicking the gear icon in the Divi page builder didn’t always work.
Fixed: Redirects modal appearing behind block editor sidebar.
Fixed: TruSEO analysis not running on page load in Elementor.
Fixed: Convert the manifest.json into a manifest.php file to fix loading on unique filesystems.
Fixed: Media title and descriptions not updating.

New in Version 4.1.10 – Released on April 06, 2022
New: Limit modified date now works for revisions.
Updated: SEO Analysis score description to be consistent everywhere.
Updated: Overlapping HTML elements in the taxonomy pages.
Fixed: DB errors when limit modified date is disabled.
Fixed: Multisite super admins occasionally unable to save settings.
Fixed: Image filter now runs even if there are no images.
Fixed: HTML sitemap occasionally outputting malformed HTML.
Fixed: Block names not showing correctly in the repo.
Fixed: PHP errors on WordPress versions lower than 5.1 missing the has_errors method.

New in v4.1.9.4 – Released on March 30, 2022
Fixed: PHP errors for users with invalid FTP/SSH filesystems.

New in Version – Released on March 29, 2022 
Updated: Changed version number to bust plugin cache.

New in Version – Released on March 26, 2021
Fixed: Link attributes showing undefined when adding an external link.
Fixed: Social images not always saving in the post editor.
Fixed: PHP error when the Redirection Manager addon is out of date.
Fixed: PHP error when updating with a manual zip file.

New in v4.1.8 – Released on February 22, 2022
New: Manage redirects directly from any post/page to temporarily redirect to another post/page.
New: Prevent updating the modified date on a page or post when making changes that you don’t need search engines to re-index.
Updated: Image sitemap now includes images from Divi.
Updated: Smart tags now add a space in front of them if there isn’t one yet.
Updated: Post editor social tab now displays an alert when Facebook/Twitter is disabled in the settings.
Updated: Additional link format options no longer displayed for ACF link fields since they aren’t supported there.
Updated: Added aioseo_multisite_subdomain filter to allow users to indicate which type of configuration their multisite uses.
Updated: Disabling “Show in Search Results” option sets robots meta back to default settings if no other robots settings were previously changed.
Updated: Removed QAPage graph in favour of FAQPage graph.
Updated: Updated score description for the SEO Analyzer to better reflect SEO recommendations.
Fixed: Facebook/Twitter previews now always display the right image for the active image source.
Fixed: Link Format styles have been readded after they were removed in WP 5.9.
Fixed: Local SEO metabox missing some styles.
Fixed: Canonical URL of the latest post sometimes used for the homepage.
Fixed: Canonical URL and OG:URL missing from attachment pages.
Fixed: Custom canonical URL no longer alters the schema of the OG:URL.
Fixed: Headline Analyzer sometimes not correctly identifying some uncommon words, power words, etc.
Fixed: Image sitemap now includes the correct amount of images if the post content contains an invalid post gallery shortcode.
Fixed: Image sitemap scan sometimes interferes with the V3 post meta migration.
Fixed: Miscellaneous Webmaster Verification field is now trimmed before being output into the HEAD, preventing blank spaces.
Fixed: PHP error after deleting a post from a post type that does not support trashing.
Fixed: SEO Title field no longer has extra trailing spaces.
Fixed: Meta Description field no longer has an extra trailing new line.
Fixed: TruSEO now runs correctly if the visual editor in the Classic Editor is disabled.
Fixed: Sitemap Priority/Frequency dropdowns now correctly display in the sidebar.

New in v4.1.7 – Released on February 2, 2022
New: AIOSEO now integrates with the Elementor, Divi and SeedProd page builders.
New: IndexNow integration to instantly notify Bing and Yandex of content changes on your site and increase your SEO rankings.
Updated: LinkedIn Showcase Pages URLs are now considered as valid URLs for the LinkedIn social profile.
Updated: Sitemap image scan filter hook now also passes post object to callback functions.
Fixed: Themes can no longer append a “Read More” string to the meta description if it is generated based on the post content/post excerpt.
Fixed: TruSEO no longer checks if the Focus Keyphrase is included in the URL of the static homepage.
Fixed: Duplicate tags are no longer converted to strings in breadcrumb template preview.
Fixed: Robots.txt no longer includes duplicate sitemap URLs if another plugin tries to serve a sitemap on the same URL.
Fixed: Blocks of the same type no longer share the same settings in the Block Editor.
Fixed: Publish Panel Tips does not update TruSEO score when Focus Keyphrase is deleted.
Fixed: RSS content author smart tags now use the correct author in the static blog page feed.
Fixed: Replace unicode with UTF-8 characters in TruSEO word lists.
Fixed: Non-admin users in AIOSEO Lite sometimes cannot access REST API routes.

New in Version – Released on January 11, 2022
NEW: Support for ThirstyAffiliates and external affiliate links.
NEW: Support for links/suggestions in inner blocks in the block editor.
Updated: Improved database performance for inserting links and suggestions.
Fixed: Internal links considered external on sites running on www.
Fixed: Link Assistant tab in metabox sometimes not rendering in the Classic Editor.
Fixed: Pagination breaking when navigating between tabs.
Fixed: Dashboard loading slowly when cache is busted.
Fixed: Cached OG image sometimes output instead of the cached Twitter image.

New in v4.1.6.1 – Released on January 6, 2022
Updated: Link Assistant now refreshes all menus when the settings are saved.
Fixed: Permissions for users with custom roles for the AIOSEO REST API.
Fixed: Relative URLs for the OG:image are now made absolute again before output.
Fixed: Removing a custom separator wasn’t correctly reflected in the preview.
Fixed: Long permalinks in the social preview sometimes overflowed their container.
Fixed: PHP notice from breadcrumb trail if it contains special unescaped characters.
Fixed: Yoast Duplicate Post no longer duplicating AIOSEO meta data when cloning a post.
Fixed: SEO Analyzer didn’t add a trailing slash to the analyzed URL when the permalink structure should have one.
Fixed: Link phrase sometimes not highlighted in the context paragraph when it contains special characters like parentheses.
Fixed: Link Suggestions tab incorrectly defaulting to the Outbound Suggestions (instead of the Inbound Suggestions) in the metabox.
Fixed: Missing RTL stylesheets.

New in Version 4.1.6 – Released on January 4, 2022
New: Our brand-new Link Assistant helps you super-charge your SEO! Get relevant suggestions for adding internal links to older content as well as finding any orphaned posts that have no internal links. Use our reporting feature to see all link suggestions or add them directly from any page or post.
New: Standalone Headline Analyzer page in the SEO Analysis menu.
New: Show update messages for addons that are out of sync with the main plugin.
Updated: Open Graph/Twitter image is now cached (when possible) to improve performance.
Updated: Calls to attachmentUrlToPostId() are now cached to improve performance.
Updated: Semrush integration now displays an alert when usage limit is reached.
Updated: TruSEO now supports accent marks for various languages.
Updated: TruSEO now ignores special characters in the URL.
Updated: TruSEO now detects internal links better.
Updated: Various database performance updates, most notably reducing duplicate queries and caching updates.
Updated: Removed deprecated twitter:domain tag.
Updated: PageSpeed Insights link in SEO Toolbar now refers to Google’s new platform.
Updated: Reordered display options for Local SEO/Breadcrumbs/HTML Sitemap to keep them consistent.
Updated: Increased maximum height for General/Social modals in the Edit Post screen for a better UX on large screens.
Fixed: Access Control sometimes fails when user role alphabetically comes after AIOSEO roles.
Fixed: Non-critical notifications are now hidden when announcements are disabled.
Fixed: Incorrect Last Modified timestamp for all entries after the static sitemap entry.
Fixed: Conflict with Jetpack Boost plugin which rendered AIOSEO sitemaps inaccessible.
Fixed: PHP error in WordPress 4.9 due to undefined do_blocks() function call.
Fixed: PHP notice when importing SEO settings from other plugins if static homepage option is selected under Reading but no static homepage is set.
Fixed: PHP notice when visiting a non-existing rss feed page.
Fixed: Conflict with User Role Editor plugin where capabilities couldn’t be saved.
Fixed: Sitemap links per index can no longer be set to a negative number.
Fixed: Recipe schema now allows cooking time of 0 minutes.
Fixed: WooCommerce Product schema price now also takes taxes into account.
Fixed: HTML Sitemap no longer displays irrelevant options when Compact Archives setting is enabled.
Fixed: HTML Sitemap now shows a message when no posts/terms could be found.
Fixed: Schema tab is now visible again when editing WooCommerce Terms of Service page.

New in Version – Released on December 7, 2021
Updated: Security hardening for REST API endpoints

v4.1.4.4 – Released on September 21, 2021
Fixed: PHP notice when importing static homepage SEO data from other plugins.
Fixed: PHP notice after upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.

v4.1.4.3 – Released on September 14, 2021
Fixed: Some settings not carried over correctly in niche cases.

v4.1.4.2 – Released on September 10, 2021
Fixed: Console error after loading the Classic Editor because of a conflict with Lodash.
Fixed: PHP error in WordPress Core 4.9 because of a call to a function that was introduced in WordPress Core 5.0.
Fixed: PHP error on upgrading from AIOSEO Lite to AIOSEO Pro.
Fixed: Post/term data not always saving correctly.

v4.1.4.1 – Released on August 31, 2021
Fixed: Slower load time when HTML Sitemap dedicated page is enabled.

List of Addons All in One SEO Pack Pro

  1. AIOSEO – Redirects v1.2.5
  2. AIOSEO – Image SEO v1.1.2
  3. AIOSEO – Local Business v1.2.12
  4. AIOSEO – News Sitemap v1.0.11
  5. AIOSEO – Video Sitemap v1.1.8
  6. AIOSEO – Link Assistant v1.0.11
  7. AIOSEO – IndexNow v1.0.6
  8. AIOSEO – Rest API v1.0.3

Download All in One SEO Pack Pro v4.2.7 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.