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Advanced Ads Pro v2.17.0 + Addons – Ad Manager & AdSense

Advanced Advertising Pro Nulled is a fantastic plugin that makes managing your ads, displaying them in the proper places, and targeting the right users a breeze. If you currently make a reasonable living from your site, adding pro addons will help you increase your earnings even more.


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Features: Advanced Ads Pro – Ad Manager & AdSense

  • Manage an infinite number of advertisements: A limitless number of adverts and placements may be managed and shown.
  • Types of ads that are adaptable: Static pictures, JavaScript, HTML, PHP, and even shortcodes may all be used with ad codes from any ad network.
  • Advertisements should be scheduled: Set a start or expiry date and time for your advertisements as part of your ad setup.
  • Works with cached web pages: Deliver dynamic advertisements to cached pages without affecting your server.
  • Ads that are slow to load: Save time and effort! Ads should only be loaded when consumers scroll to them in their browser.
  • AMP: Make your advertising AMP-ready and monetize your AMP sites!
  • Reports and tracking: Ad impressions and clicks may be tracked, and performance statistics can be shared, or you can connect with Google Analytics.
  • Advertisements on mobile phones: To boost the performance of each version, create various ad settings for mobile and desktop.
  • Google AdSense: Import ad units and reports by connecting to your AdSense account. Aids in adhering to their regulations, creating an ads.txt, and automatically converting AdSense advertisements to AMP.
  • Boost your earnings
    • A/B testing: To determine the best performing advertisements and positions, do A/B testing across different ad placements or employ rotating ad groups.
    • Choose paragraphs at random: Choose a placement that shows the ad after random paragraphs to increase your earnings.
    • Ad-blockers can be monetized: Users who use an ad blocker can be monetized by showing them material that isn’t banned.
    • Advertising Space for Sale: Increase your ad revenue by selling advertisements to advertisers in the frontend of your website in a totally automated manner.
    • Select Fraud Prevention: Protect your reputation by ensuring that no one clicks the same ad too many times.
    • Ad networks are being tested: To discover the ideal partner for your site, pit any ad networks against each other.
  • Effortless ad management
    • Ads should be rotated: To combat ad blindness, rotate advertisements in the same location or test different ads against one other.
    • Blocks of advertisements: Ads may be made more visible by employing an ad slider or a multi-row ad grid.
    • Ads that serve as a fallback: When another ad expires or isn’t viewable on a certain page, use backup advertisements to avoid having an empty area.
    • Situations throughout the world: Save time by hiding adverts on archives, 404 sites, by user role, or by post type using global conditions.
    • Ads that are duplicates: Duplicate advertisements that you’ve already created.
    • Importing and exporting: Existing ad settings and configurations can be exported and imported to another site.
    • You have complete control over the ad arrangement: Choose how adverts should be aligned within text, add a margin to other components, or have a label appear above them automatically.
    • Only show an advertisement once: Prevent an ad from appearing in several locations on the same page by using this feature.
  • There are several placements available.
    • Ads that stick and pop up: Sticky anchor or header advertisements, PopUps, and ads connected left and right to the content or browser window will raise exposure for your offers.
    • Ads should be injected dependent on the word count: Only show your ad in posts or pages with a minimum number of words. You may then eliminate adverts from very short pages, such as a masthead or contact page, in this way.
    • Ads are triggered based on user behavior: When a user scrolls to a specific location or wants to leave the website, show specialized ad forms.
    • After a certain number of words, embed adverts: Define a minimum number of words after which advertising will be inserted to distribute your adverts more equally in your content.
    • Advertisement Server: Advertise on websites that do not utilize Advanced Ads or even WordPress.
    • Injections that are delivered automatically: Save time by allowing advertising to be automatically injected into your content depending on paragraphs, headlines, photos, or the space between postings on archive pages.
    • Manual placements are under control: Use a specific shortcode, widget, or PHP function to fine-tune your ad placements.
    • Select any ad position: To insert an ad, point to any location on your website’s frontend, such as the header or between particular parts.
  • Integrations
    • BuddyPress: Dedicated ad placements on BuddyPress-created pages can help you monetize your community.
    • bbPress: Dedicated ad spots on bbPress-created pages will help you monetize your forum.
    • Sites for members: On websites designed with membership plugins like Paid Memberships Pro, use dedicated spots.
    • WPML: Show advertising depending on the WPML plugin’s language settings for a given page.
    • Genesis: Placements may be used in Genesis-based themes without requiring any additional scripting.
    • Any plugin can be integrated: To show advertising between them, use hooks from any plugin that contributes content to the frontend of your website.
  • Integration with Google Ad Manager
    • Placements that are straightforward: Directly load ad units from your Google Ad Manager account. There will be no more broken or misplaced ad tags.
    • GAM adverts that are responsive: Choose which ad sizes to show for specific screen widths, or let Advanced Ads pick the best ones for you.
    • Importing ad units in bulk: Save time with your GAM account’s initial setup and upgrades. Automatically import all or specified ad units into a WordPress ad.
    • Support for AMP is provided automatically: Ad Manager ad units are immediately converted to AMP format. Select the ad sizes you wish to show solely on AMP.
    • Targeting key values: Ads may be targeted using key-values from your WordPress site, such as post titles, slugs, and categories.
  • Conditions
    • Control the Location: To manage where advertising appear on your site, choose from over a dozen conditions.
    • Specific articles and web pages: Ads can be shown or hidden for certain posts, pages, or custom post kinds.
    • Conditions of Display: Show advertising based on post type, author, post type template, post meta values, parent page, categories, tags, and other taxonomies, URL parameters, or paginated post index.
    • Who is in charge of who?: Use Visitor Conditions to determine which people should view which adverts.
    • Conditions for Visitors: Advertisements can be displayed based on the device, user role, capabilities, or login status, as well as the referrer, browser language, browser or device (user agent), and browser cookies. In addition, there are several configurable conditions for third-party plugins.Ads based on user behavior: Show advertising depending on page impressions, whether they’re new to your site or not, or how many times they’ve seen or clicked on an ad in a certain timeframe.Ads that suit the size of the screen: Choose advertisements that are compatible with your visitors’ browsers by displaying them on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices, or by a specified browser width.Geo-Targeting: Show advertising based on the location of your visitors, such as nation, city, continent, or radius.
  • Consent & Privacy
    • Cookie Consent & GDPR: Integrate with your GDPR & Cookie content solution to comply with privacy rules and only serve advertising to visitors who have given their permission.
    • Integration of TCF 2.0: Show advertising based on Quantcast Choices, cookiebot, or other approved providers’ TCF 2.0 compliant confirmation.

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Download Advanced Ads Pro v2.17.0 Nulled Free + Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.

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