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Ads Pro Plugin v4.59 - Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Ads Pro Nulled is a premium WordPress ad plugin that allows you to manage, sell, and display your advertising space like no other. This fantastic application uses templates and a grid system to display adverts that are perfectly suited and user-friendly on your website. It’s also completely free of ad blockers. Display your banners in over 20 different ways, including Google AdSense banners!


features Ads Pro Plugin Multi Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Features Ads Pro Plugin

  • Completely Responsive
  • Targeting by location (countries, states / provinces, cities, or zip codes)
  • Control the delay of your advertising by scheduling them.
  • Ads can be seen only on certain devices (mobile, tablet or desktop)
  • Filters based on Tags and Categories
  • Hooks for displaying advertisements before, during, and after content
  • Ads can be shown or hidden after a certain amount of time.
  • Option to limit the number of times ads are shown per user / session.
  • Your adverts can be displayed in over 20 different ways (sidebar, floating, video, background, corner peel, grids, hover and others)
  • Large-scale backend manager (easily manage your ads)
  • 25+ ready-to-use ideas Ad Templates that are both responsive and user-friendly

Changelog Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

v4.55 - (27/04/2022)
- improved: geotarget api
- minor admin panel changes

v4.54 - (04/04/2022)
- improved: ma add-on api

v4.53 - (01/04/2022)
- minor database query improvements
- minor cropping function improvements

v4.52 - (22/03/2022)
- minor admin panel changes

v4.51 - (21/03/2022)
- improved ad listings in admin panel

v4.5 - (20/03/2022)
- geotarget ads
- viewable module
- start / ends date
- media library enabled
- templates improves
- additional html (optional)
- new ad listings (including filters)
- improved order by rand and other functions
- new grid options (rows / columns)
- minor admin panel improvements
- new statistics improvements
- new pdf reports (including times of viewable)
- improved clicks protection function
- preparing to the new update 4.7 & 5.0 versions

v4.43.1 - (15/03/2022)
- improved: preparing to the new update 4.7 version

v4.42 - (27/11/2021)
- improved: adblockers protection
- improved: minor changes in the admin panel
- changed: main folder name to ap-plugin-scripteo
Upload new zip file via WordPress Plugins Module.
(Plugins > Installed Plugins)
We recommend remove and install once again MA and AP add-ons also.

v4.40 - (24/07/2021)
- improved: stripe payments
- improved: jquery improvements
- improved: ssl validate in urls (ad templates)
- improved: transaltions (first release)
- added: other quality Envato requirements

v4.3.99 - (23/02/2021)
- improved: re-creating standard ad templates - cron task

v4.3.98 - (19/02/2021)
- improved: mobile detection
- improved: sortable function
- improved: minor changes in the admin panel
- changed: switch button (on/off) in the admin panel

v4.3.97 - (12/01/2021)
- improved: simple fix of the submit button

v4.3.96 - (08/01/2021)
- improved: minor changes in the admin panel

v4.3.95 - (18/12/2020)
- improved: woocommerce payments

v4.3.94 - (11/12/2020)
- improved: woocommerce payments
- improved: changes for 5.6 WP
- improved: minor changes in the admin panel

v4.3.92 - (04/12/2020)
- improved: woocommerce payments
- improved: the order form validation
- improved: minor changes in the admin panel

v4.3.9 - (11/11/2020)
- improved: html template links
- improved: user’s ads function
- improved: bot’s detected function
- improved: sessions function
- improved: buddypress stream books
- improved: the order form validation
- improved: calendar in the order form
- improved: geo target module
- prepared: minor changes for 5.0 version

v4.3.22 - (09/01/2020)
- improved: cron function
- improved: minor fixes in order form
- improved: minor admin panel and database improvements
- added: price limit of free ads

v4.3.2 - (15/06/2019)
- improved: order form link in ad space
- improved: ajax shortcode random option fixed
- improved: minor admin panel and database improvements
- improved: carousel slider
- added: option to display ad spaces after x paragraphs in hooks, example: 14|[bsa_pro_ad_space id=1]

v4.3.1 - (07/02/2019)
- improved: stripe and woocomerce payments
- improved: ad preview in the order form
- improved: ad template files
- improved: rtl and style.css file
- improved: resize of standard images
- added: link shortcode param to open links in the same window, example: [bsa_pro_ad_space id=1 link=same]

v4.2.74 - (30/08/2018)
- improved: hooks (shown for singular pages only)
- improved: pdf statistics
- improved: ajax filters in ad space settings
- improved: text format of ad fields
- added: crawler detection
- added: action button field for the further templates

v4.2.71 - (23/06/2018)
- improved: categories and tags listing

v4.2.7 - (07/06/2018)
- improved: adblockers detection and function
- improved: ad preview section
- improved: affiliate commission field
- improved: all css files updated
- improved: cron tasks array validation

v4.2.12 - (10/04/2018)
- improved: minor admin panel improvements
- added: option to change carousel script for slider

v4.2.1 - (08/03/2018)
- improved: vc element improvements
- improved: update checker
- improved: image generator (cache and static images)
- improved: ajax shortcode fixes
- improved: minor admin panel improvements
- added: option to change name of the upload folder
- added: option to show specific ads in the space
- added: option to use full url and external images instead of upload module
After upload all new files please re-activate plugin via WordPress Plugins Module.
(Plugins > Installed Plugins > Deactivate / Activate)

v4.1 - (07/02/2018)
- improved: frontend editor admin permissions
- improved: all css generator
- improved: MA API changes
- improved: minor backend improvements for MA add-on
- added: all.css files

v4.01 - (25/11/2017)
- improved: minor backend improvements for the 4.00 version

v4.00 - (17/11/2017)
- improved: woocommerce status of paid orders fixed
- improved: stripe library updated
- improved: option to use [stats_url] variable in the reminders
- improved: support shortcodes in html template
- improved: chips option for geo field
- improved: corner peel position fixed
- improved: hidden class fixed
- improved: number of requests optimization
- improved: minor frontend / backend improvements
- added: option to show notice at the order form page if not logged
- added: ad space filter on specific custom types
- added: ad space filter on specific taxonomies
- added: option to assign affiliate link at the bottom of ad spaces
- added: backend / frontend editor option
- added: update notifications at the dashboard tab

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Download Ads Pro Plugin v4.59 Nulled Free

Download Ads Pro Add-on – WordPress Marketing Agency v1.9.2

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.