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Admin Columns Pro v5.7.4 (+Addons) – WordPress Content Management Plugin

Admin Columns Pro Nulled allows you to sort, search and edit any WordPress content faster than ever!

Admin Columns Pro is a column manager in WordPress admin panel that allows you to easily add and edit additional columns in the admin panel for posts, pages, comments, users, taxonomies, media , as well as custom post types.

You can sort and filter information based on these columns. And also edit individual fields directly from the list.


Features Admin Columns Pro – WordPress Content Management Plugin

Demo Admin Columns Pro
  • Fully customize your WordPress listing board. Add your important content to them by dragging and dropping in columns – no coding required
  • Searching for WordPress content has never been easier. Any content can be sorted, filtered and searched.
  • Edit your content without opening each post – directly from the dashboard.
  • Inline editing allows you to quickly change pieces of content.
  • Batch editing can update all your content at once.
  • Create your own custom export of your WordPress content in CSV format. You can export custom selections by filtering and sorting your content first
  • With horizontal scrolling, there is no limit to the amount of content that fits in a table.
  • You can have multiple views for the same table. Very useful when you want a table for a specific task or user.
  • Each user can have their own personalized table view. Each view can be set specifically for a role or user.
  • Admin Columns Pro works great on the WordPress Multisite Network. And you can customize both the Network and Website Users table.
  • Display, search, edit, and export all your custom field data from posts and users from the overview. Custom fields are fully supported.
  • Admin Columns Pro is 100% compatible with ACF and allows you to search, export and edit your custom content like never before.
  • Admin Columns Pro can greatly improve the management of your online WooCommerce store. Updating and finding products has never been easier.

Changelog Admin Columns Pro – Manage Columns in WordPress Nulled Free

= v5.7.4 = Release Date: September 13th, 2022
* [Fixed] Taxonomy ListScreen could give a PHP warning when the default taxonomies were unregistered
* [Fixed] Beaver Builder integration support was always initiated
* [Fixed] Expired licenses were not updated correctly when it was expired and re-activated or renewed
* [Fixed] Suppress more PHP 8.1 warnings
* [Fixed] JS null checks that could lead to JS errors
* [Improved] Smart Filtering for the Date Publish column now only filters dates for published posts

= v5.7.3 = Release Date: July 4th, 2022
* [Added] Support for Beaver Builder template views
* [Added] New hook to toggle persistent sorting as a preference `acp/sorting/remember_last_sorting_preference`
* [Fixed] Smart Filtering for some Taxonomy columns did not work correctly
* [Fixed] Suppress PHP 8.1 warnings

= v5.7.2 = Release Date: June 14th, 2022
* [Added] It is now possible to toggle the Row Actions (Below title) on the setting page per list table
* [Added] New hook that runs before the value is saved in (bulk/inline) edit `acp/editing/before_save`
* [Improved] Changed the radio buttons to a Toggle element for column settings that have a on/off state
* [Fixed] Updater on License page is fixed
* [Fixed] Smart Filtering for some columns on the Taxonomy overview paged did not work
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5.2 )
* [Added] It is now possible to select the Website display for User related columns
* [Added] New hook to disable the column value sanitation on the table `ac/column/value/sanitize`

= v5.7.1 = Release Date: May 16th, 2022
* [Added] It is now possible to hide the Comment Type filter in the Hide on Screen section for Comments
* [Added] Custom Field column can now display nested serialized data
* [Added] Better display value for serialized Custom Fields (Multiple values)
* [Improved] The Link count column can now display All, internal, or external links
* [Improved] The 'Hide on screen' options are renamed to work more intuitive (toggle to show instead of hiding)
* [Improved] The media column types are now grouped based on the media type
* [Fixed] Export for the Media Taxonomy column now works correctly
* [Fixed] Javascript: possible null error for the column configurator when the screen options are not available
* [Fixed] There was a Filter button in the footer on the Taxonomy page when there were no filters available
* [Fixed] Several issues during the updates of Admin Columns plugins
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5.1 )
* [Added] New Audio player column for Media list table
* [Added] New Video player column for Media list table
* [Fixed] Prevent fatal error, when removing a non-existent column set from a Local Storage repository

= v5.7 = Release Date: March 22nd, 2022
* [Added] New hook `acp/editing/view` in favor of the old deprecated 'acp/editing/view_settings' hook
* [Added] New hook `acp/export/file_name` to alter the exported filename
* [Fixed] Adding non-existing terms with editing did not work properly
* [Fixed] Clicking the mobile caret to open the row now works in combination with Inline Editing enabled
* [Fixed] Pagination for taxonomy entities now load more than just one extra page in the smart drop-downs.
* [Fixed] Removed the Ninja Forms integration from the add-on page
* [Fixed] The placeholders for the full name editable were incorrect
* [Fixed] Unexpected focus scroll behavior in Inline Editing
* [Improved] Check if a post is locked in order to be able to edit the post
* [Improved] It is now possible to search for specific icons for the label icon picker
* [Improved] Javascript is now compiled with the target set to ES6
* [Improved] Made the Polylang Language column available for all related List screens
* [Improved] Smarter Link editing for the Custom Field URL type
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.5 )
* [Added] New Image column for the Media list table
* [Added] The Slug column is now also available for the Media list table
* [Improved] More thorough logic for the 'Restore Settings' option.
* [Improved] Refactor of the Setup Script that runs when the plugin is installed and activated for the first time
* [Improved] The Permalink column now also shows the (upcoming) permalinks for future and draft posts

= v5.6.4 = Release Date: December 6th, 2021
* [Hotfix] The ReadOnly class is renamed because it gave a fatal error in PHP 8.1

= v5.6.3 = Release Date: November 22nd, 2021
* [Added] New hook `acp/sorting/custom_field/numeric_type` to change the datatype for numeric custom field sorting
* [Improved] Better sticky header solution to prevent third-party plugin styling conflicts that causes header offsets
* [Fixed] Fatal error that could happen on the WPML String translation page
* [Fixed] Disabled the editing setting for unsupported Custom Field field types
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.4 )
* [Improved] UI Improvements

= v5.6.2 = Release Date: October 26th, 2021
* [Added] When creating a new column set, you can now choose to copy the settings or start with the default columns
* [Fixed] Activation button was not always enabled when entering the license
* [Fixed] Colspan for Quick Edit and Bulk Edit (Quick Actions) is now correct when Sticky Headers is active
* [Fixed] Removing terms in Bulk Edit did not work correctly
* [Fixed] It was not possible to enter negative numbers in Editing for numeric custom fields
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.3 )
* [Improved] The Menu Order column has no restrictions anymore

= v5.6.1 = Release Date: October 12th, 2021
* [Added] JetEngine integration added
* [Fixed] Bulk Editing for the date picker did not work properly
* [Fixed] WooCommerce manual product sorting is now excluded as a Sorting preference in order to get unexpected behavior when switching back to the default product view
* [Fixed] More flexible date parsing for Editing in conjunction with the hook `acp/editing/save_value`
* [Improved] Bulk Edit for the User Role column does now allow to add and remove roles instead of only replacing the value
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4.2 )
* [Fixed] The setting to hide the 'Edit Columns' button did not always store the settings
* [Improved] Do not force showing notices with the hidden classes

= v5.6 = Release Date: September 21st, 2021
* [Breaking Changes] A complete refactoring of the Editing feature. The ACF and WooCommerce integrations need to be updated.
* [Breaking Changes] Removed deprecated methods from ACP version 4.4 or older.
* [Deprecated] All Editing models have become deprecated. Editing services should be used instead.
* [Added] Placeholder column to determine where and if Polylang columns should be displayed
* [Added] New 'Has Term' column for the Post list table
* [Added] It is now possible to smart filter user related columns on the current user.
* [Added] It is now possible to do calculations with inline editing for numeric custom fields.
* [Improved] Editing can now always be toggled for the Custom Field Column and does not specifically need to be activated first.
* [Improved] New styling and interface for the admin area.
* [Fixed] Sorting for default/native column can now be disabled.
* [Fixed] A fatal error when inline editing taxonomy fields when the Post Count column was available on the page.
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.4 )
* [Added] Complete restyling of the Admin interface
* [Fixed] Load a default column set when the preferred column set was restricted in the meantime
* [Fixed] Gravatar display option did not work anymore since the value sanitation
* [Fixed] Possible namespace clash in Admin class

= v5.5.3 = Release Date: June 18th, 2021
* [Added] Added Media columns: Artist and Album
* [Improved] A more compact (horizontal) view for the Screen Options on the table screen
* [Fixed] Sticky Headers could give an error when Screen Options were removed from the screen
* [Fixed] Resetting sorting did not work correctly for column settings that were never stored
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.2 )
* [Fixed] Column date setting gave an error when the default date format was empty

= v5.5.2 = Release Date: June 11th, 2021
* [Added] New Post Type column for the (Custom) Post Type overviews, basically for changing the post type with Editing
* [Added] Gravity Forms integration added
* [Added] New feature to make the column headers fixed on the table screen
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.3.1 )
* [Fixed] Changing the screen options on the column settings page is not persisted
* [Fixed] Fixed data formatted labels with sanitation
* [Fixed] The column value is now sanitized

= 5.5.1 =
Release Date: April 29th, 2021
* [Fixed] Fixed a possible error with export

= v5.4.4 = Release Date: April 2nd, 2021
* [Fixed] Fatal error that occurred on the WPML String translation

= v5.4.3 = Release Date: March 2nd, 2021
* [Fixed] Sorting on Post Formats no longer filters out the Standard format
* [Fixed] Exporting columns settings without any sets selected gave a fatal error
* [Fixed] WYSIWYG editing does not close in Inline Edit when selecting a style
* [Improved] The Bulk Edit column settings is now only displayed when bulk editing is available

= v5.4.2 = Release Date: February 8th, 2021
* [Fixed] The title was not saved correctly
* [Fixed] Column set permissions were not saved correctly
* [Improved] Some column labels will automatically change when altering a specific setting

= v5.4.1 = Release Date: February 3rd, 2021 =
* [Added] Support management for columns on the Reusable Blocks (Gutenberg) list table
* [Fixed] The 'Standard' post format does now filter correctly
* [Fixed] Fixed javascript Violation errors
* [Improved] When the Saved Filters do not match the column settings, you'll now get a useful message instead of a fatal error
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.2.6 )
* [Added] User Column: First and Last Post(type)
* [Improved] It's now possible to select a post status for the Post Count column (User)

= v5.4 = Release Date: December 15th, 2020
* [Added] Option to hide the Quick Links menu on top of the list tables
* [Improved] Exporting to CSV is faster and will no longer store temporary files on the file system
* [Improved] You can now limit the number of shown items for the child pages column
* [Fixed] Don't show the clear button for empty values
* [Fixed] Permalinks will be urldecoded when exporting
* [Improved] Export is faster and does not store temporary files on the file system anymore
* [Improved] Limit the number of items for Child Pages column
* [Updated] Admin Columns Core changes ( 4.2.5 )
* [Fixed] The updater could give a PHP warning when there were no updates
* [Fixed] Display a correct message when an integration is not installed

= v5.3.3 = Release Date: December 9th, 2020
* [Fixed] WordPress 5.6 compatibility issues

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Download Admin Columns Pro v5.7.4 Nulled + Addons – Manage Columns in WordPress:

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