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ACF Frontend Form Element Pro v3.9.5

ACF Frontend Form Element Pro Nulled is an ACF and Elementor addon that enables you to simply show ACF web forms to your users in the Elementor Editor so that they may modify the information from the frontend.

This plugin requires the activation and installation of both Elementor and Advanced Custom Fields. ACF allows you to construct fantastic forms that store custom meta data to pages, posts, users, and more. Then, in Elementor, use this widget to simply display the form to your users. This manner, you may pick and choose whatever data to make editable.


ACF Frontend Form Element demo

Features: ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

  • All WordPress Builders are compatible: All WordPress builders are now compatible with ACF Frontend. To get started, all you need is Advanced Custom Fields and ACF Frontend.
  • There is no coding required: Provide the finest content management experience possible without requiring the end user to read the ACF or WordPress documentation. Everything is ready to go right here.
  • Posts can be edited: Allow your users to update posts directly from the frontend of their site, without having to log in to the WordPress dashboard.
  • Post a Comment: Allow your users to publish new articles directly from the frontend by utilizing the “new post” action.
  • User Profile Modification: Allow users to quickly edit their user info from the frontend.
  • Form for User Registration: With a built-in user registration form, you may allow new users to register on your site! You may even prevent these new users from accessing the WordPress dashboard.
  • Hide the Admin Area: Select which users and roles should have access to the WordPress administration area.
  • Permissions must be configured: You may control who sees your form based on user role or by particular users.
  • Popup Modal: Display the form in a modal window that appears when a button is clicked, so it doesn’t take up any space on your pages.
  • Posts Can Be Removed: Allow your users to remove front-end postings.
  • Individual Style Fields: Elementor’s power may be used to style your fields.
  • Priority Assistance: Get priority help with faster response and resolution times. Email and Whatsapp are both options.
  • Change Global Preferences: If you have global data, such as header and footer data, you may utilize ACF to build an options page that your users can update from the frontend.
  • Submits are limited: Prevent any or all users from submitting the form more than a certain number of times.
  • Sending Emails: Set up emails to be sent and map form data to appear in email fields like the email address, from address, topic, and message.
  • The Style Tab: Style the form, modal window, and buttons using your preferred web builder.
  • Forms with Multiple Steps: Add extra phases to your forms to make them more interesting.
  • Integration with Woocommerce: For Woocomerce products, we’re introducing built-in fields. Allow your customers to add goods from the frontend!
  • Recaptcha by Google: With Google Recaptcha, you can protect your forms from spam.
  • Payments using Stripe and PayPal: After submitting the form, accept payments using Stripe.
  • Submission of AJAX: With our no-page-reload forms, you can provide your users with an excellent editing experience.

Changelog: ACF Frontend Form Element Pro

= v3.9.5 - 03-10-2022 =
* Fixed featured image not opening media library
* Added List Items
* Added support for basic input inside List Item fields

= v3.9.3 - 30-09-2022 =
* Fixed file uploads not saving sizes
* Reduced submissions table "fields" column data intake
* Added options to save progress button
* Save progress now button saves current step

= v3.9.2 - 28-09-2022 =
* Fixed multi step forms showing all steps
* Fixed basic upload file limits

= 3.8.3 - 08-09-2022 =
* Added option to make tab fields appear as steps on frontend
* Added legacy elementor setting under plugin settings
* Added Custom Choices field type
* Fixed "No page reload" not reloading form
* Fixed success message always showing at top of current page instead of above the form
* Fixed recapthca validation API request

= 3.8.2 - 30-08-2022 =
* Added fields exclude feature to ACF Fields field type
* Removed Freemius dependency from free version
* Removed Freemius from Payments addon

= v3.7.17 - 28-08-2022 =
* Added option to remove admin bar node
* Fixed relationship field rtl css issue
* Fixed undefined 'fea' js error

= v3.7.16 - 17-08-2022 =
* Fixed forms saving submissions even if set not to
* Fixed conflict with One Click Modal

= 3.7.15 - 17-08-2022 =
* Fixed forms saving submissions even if set not to
* Fixed conflict with One Click Modal

= 3.7.14 - 08-08-2022 =
* Fixed recaptcha not working with instances on one page

= v3.7.13 - 04-08-2022 =
* Changed email headers to array
* Added Mailchimp email, first name, and last name fields for use without user form
* Allowed custom fields to save to submission only

= v3.7.12 - 02-08-2022 =
* Fixed mailchimp 'merge_fields' error
* Fixed shortcodes conflict with objects
* Fixed bcc emails sending as seperate emails

= v3.7.11 - 27-07-2022 =
* Placed "form type" select directly in form builder page

= 3.7.9 - 14-07-2022 =
* Fixed delete button not redirecting properly
* Fixed success message not showing at top of page

= v3.7.8 - 06-07-2022 =
* Added Mailchimp Status field to allow user to choose whether or not to sign up to mailing list
* Fixed post to edit not showing "new post" option if no posts are found in the query
* Fixed neccesary scripts not enqueued if admin is not logged in
* Removed deprecated "documents" folder

= 3.7.7 - 30-06-2022 =
* Fixed admin css not loading in min file
* Fixed Save Custom Fields to option not saving to correctly in legacy Elementor widgets

= 3.7.6 - 28-06-2022 =
* Fixed plugin icon svg issue
* Fixed modal button calling create form modal

= 3.7.5 - 27-06-2022 =
* Fixed dynamic value shortcodes
* Fixed delete button redirect broken

= 3.7.4 - 26-06-2022 =
* Added solution for cache plugin breaking acf js object
* Changed plugin name from ACF Frontend to Frontend Admin for ACF
* Added presets to form builder:
Delete Post Button
Post Status Button
Delete Product Button
Product Status Button
* Added Favicon field

= 3.7.3 - 20-06-2022 =
* Changed plugin name from ACF Frontend to Frontend Admin for ACF

= 3.7.1 - 16-06-2022 =
* Added presets to form builder:
Delete Post Button
Post Status Button
Delete Product Button
Product Status Button
* Added Favicon field

= 3.7.0 - 15-06-2022 =
* Added option to choose Frontend Form in Elementor widgets
* Lite deprecated all Elementor widgets for new users except for Frontend Form (if you are already using these widgets, they will continue to function)
* Added assets for form builder

= v3.6.6 - 15-06-2022 =
* Fixed issue with multi step product forms
* Tweeked multi step forms to allow fields before steps that will show always
* Fixed step tabs to only show when fields show
* Fixed issue with multiple "ACF Fields" instances in one form

= 3.6.5 - 14-06-2022 =
* Fixed issue with multi step product forms

= 3.6.4 - 10-06-2022 =
* Moved form builder section tabs to the side of form settings
* Added User Website field type

= V3.6.3 - 09-06-2022 =
* Added Frontend Submissions Gutenberg block
* Fixed Gutenberg block not loading form options
* Fixed dynamic options in url query option not being generated properly
* Added "Save Form Submissions" on form level

= 3.6.1 - 07-06-2022 =
* Added Mailchimp integration
* Deprecated URL parameters setting in actions tab. Parameters can be placed directly in the url
* Fixed taxonomy field to show "add new" button under field instead of transparent icon

= v3.5.9 - 01-06-2022 =
* Fixed ACF Fields in multi step showing

= v3.5.7 - 30-05-2022 =
* Added "Post to Edit" field type to allow users to easily choose which post to edit with a dropdown
* Added "Product to Edit" field type to allow users to easily choose which product to edit with a dropdown
* Added option to change the "frontend-dashboard" slug
* Fixed url query post not loading field values

= v3.5.6 - 26-05-2022 =
* Fixed User email field not updating when edited
* Fixed username editing logs user out

= v3.5.4 - 25-05-2022 =
* Fixed edit form links not showing in admin bar in certain themes
* Fixed shortcodes using form keys not working
* Added preview button to form edit page

= v3.5.2 - 18-05-2022 =
* Fixed hidden modal button
* Fixed default value not including shortcodes on submit
* Added ACF Frontend quick access to admin toolbar

= 3.5.1 - 16-05-2022 =
* Fixed ACF Fields not saving in admin form builder
* Fixed "confirm password" field not hiding initially in multi step form

= v3.5.0 - 15-05-2022 =
* Added submissions shortcode to forms: [acf_frontend submissions="{form id}"]
* Removed bulk add fields option in form builder

= 3.4.15 - 09-05-2022 =
* Fixed multi step error in Elementor widgets

= v3.4.14 - 08-05-2022 =
* Fixed verification email being sent when not activated
* Fixed hidden field removing value in edit forms

= 3.4.13 - 04-05-2022 =
* Fixed fields showing in wrong steps
* Fixed acf fields width option in Elementor

= 3.4.12 - 03-05-2022 =
 * Fixed ACF fields issue when duplicating ACF Frontend Elementor widget

= 3.4.11 - 02-05-2022 =
 * Fixed multi step issue with acf fields 
 * Removed unecessary wrapper around ACF Fields causing fields to show on one line

= 3.4.9 - 02-05-2022 =
 * Fixed woo product forms not saving
 * Fixed status field appearing as checkbox instead of radio

= 3.4.8 - 01-05-2022 =
 * Fixed validation error when using ACF fields in forms
 * Fixed fields duplicating on submissions approval page

= 3.4.7 - 28-04-2022 =
 * Fixed form skipping validation if js error exists
 * Fixed [acf:field_name] shortcodes not returning empty if no value is generated 
 * Fixed form validating fields that are displayed as hidden

= 3.4.6 - 26-04-2022 =
 * Fixed [acf:field_name] shortcodes not working properly

= v3.4.5 - 14-04-2022 =
* Added option to validate each step's fields
* Fixed missing "local avatar" dynamic fields in Elementor
* Added Option to disable submissions to dedicated database table

= v3.4.4 - 14-04-2022 =
* Added option to validate each step's fields
* Fixed missing "local avatar" dynamic fields in Elementor
* Added Option to disable submissions to dedicated database table

= v3.4.3 - 14-04-2022 =
* Added Woocommerce Order actions: "New Order Form" and "Edit Order Form"
* Changed CSS classes to avoid conflicts:
"modal" -> "fea-modal"
"modal-inner" -> "fea-modal-inner"
"modal-content" -> "fea-modal-content"
* Fixed permissions message not showing for non logged in users

= v3.4.2 - 11-04-2022 =
* Fixed email verification creates duplicate entries

= v3.4.1 - 08-04-2022 =
* Fixed user setting in permissions tab not loading users.
* Fixed taxonomy field loading as "related terms"

= v3.3.47 - 31-03-2022 =
* Fixed forms saving html entities instead of plain text

= v3.3.43 - 25-03-2022 =
* Fixed emails not sending when submitting multi step forms

= v3.3.42 - 24-03-2022 =
* Fixed multi steps display errors
* Fixed "Add Image Button" styles not working
* Added Modal Button Styles to all Elementor widgets

= v3.3.40 - 17-03-2022 =
* Fixed delete redirect url not working
* Added option to save specific fields to different data types

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Download ACF Frontend Form Element Pro v3.9.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.