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Academy Learning Management System v5.9

Academy Learning Management System is an online learning marketplace script. Through a structured course-based framework, students and professors are brought together to share information. According to their competence, teachers or instructors may develop a limitless number of courses, video lectures, and documents, and students can enroll in these courses and improve their skills at any time and from anywhere.

So, install ACADEMY LMS and start selling your courses now to start your online career.


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Quick Guide: Academy Learning Management System

Instructor/Administrator Quick Start Guide

  • Before you use the program, make sure you read all of the documentation we’ve supplied.
  • Install the program by carefully following the “Installation and Update” tutorial.
  • To manage your system, log in as the site administrator.
  • First, go to the Settings option on the left sidebar menu and alter your System and Payment Settings. In System Settings, be sure you give a valid YouTube API key and a valid Vimeo API key.
  • If you successfully changed the Settings, you may add Categories by selecting Categories from the same left sidebar menu.
  • You may build Sub-categories under a certain Category once you’ve created it. You may create Sub-categories by going to the Categories page, selecting a specific category, then selecting Manage Sub-categories from the Action dropdown menu. You’ll be sent to the Sub-categories page. To establish a Sub-category, simply click the “+Add Sub Category” button and fill in all of the relevant data.
  • It’s now time to start making some Courses. Because a course will contain all of the video lectures, it must be properly created. After clicking on the “+Add Course” button on the left menu, you will be sent to a “Add Course Form.” Carefully fill out all of the fields.
  • At least one Section should be included in every course. Because you’ll have to add a lesson to a specific portion of a certain course at the end. As a result, you must now establish at least one section. Go to the Courses page, choose a specific course, and then select Manage Section from the action dropdown menu. After choosing Manage Section, you’ll be sent to a list of Sections, which is now empty. You must create one by selecting “+Add Section” from the drop-down menu.
  • You may now create a lesson after you’ve established a Course and a section (or many parts). Return to the Course page, choose a specific course, click the Action dropdown button, and select Manage Lesson from the list. It will also provide a list of the lessons you’ve produced. To add a new lesson, simply click the “+Add Lesson” button.

For students who are new to the course, here is a quick start guide.

  • Because the program has already been installed. Students can go to the website by typing the application URL into their browser.
  • Every time a student types in the URL, the home page will show. A student may search for a specific course, see all of the top courses, see the top ten most recent courses, and see category-based courses all from the main page. If a student has not yet enrolled, he or she can do so. A student can log in if he or she has already registered. Students can either add courses to their Shopping Carts or their Wishlists.
  • By just clicking on a course thumbnail, students may view the course information. The course details page provides all of the important facts about a course, such as the title, description, outcomes, requirements, lesson list, instructor information, and rating and reviews. A course outline may be found here.
  • If students wish to purchase a course, they must first add it to their basket.
  • If a student wishes to see the products in their shopping cart after adding a course to their cart, they may go to the Shopping Cart page by clicking the Go To Cart button, which displays while hovering over the cart icon in the header.
  • Students can withdraw courses from their purchasing basket at any time.
  • The total price of the cart goods is displayed on the right side of the shopping cart page. The Checkout button is located underneath it. If students wish to check out, they can do so by clicking the Checkout button and paying for the courses they want to take.
  • Students can access their courses through the My Courses tab after successfully checking out. By hovering over their personal image in the header, the student will see the My Courses button.
  • The My Courses page will display all of the courses that the student has purchased. Students can play the lessons by selecting them from the My Courses tab and clicking on the thumbnail.

Changelog: Academy Learning Management System

v5.9 – 3 July, 2022
- Pagination added to the search result page
- Pagination added to the course filter page
- Search result optimised from in dept course data
- Quiz result issue fixed and experience improved

Version 5.7 – 18 April, 2022
- Drip content feature introduced
- Student has to complete previous lesson to access the next one
- Showing learning progress in course playing page
- Publicly course access permission settings (allow/deny) from admin panel
- Message read and unread status showed in messaging page between student and instructor
- Certificate addon update: drag & drop builder
- Certificate addon update: background image changing capability
- Certificate addon update: QR code shown for certificate validation

Version 5.6 – 17 February, 2022
- Api updated for student and instructor mobile app
- Show email with name when admin enroll a student
- Delete enrolment history when a course is deleted
- Blog keywords for course website SEO performance enhance
- Minor bug fixed

Version 5.5 – 19 January, 2022

- Blog module introduced
- Admin & instructor can write blog posts
- 'Buy' button added in course page
- Instructor skills added
- New page for forget password
- Newly designed user interface for student account panel
- Document type lessons now have preview option
- Coupon code discount feature enhanced
- Razorpay payment gateway option for instructor payout
- Store quiz result of students
- Api updated for mobile apps
- Source code optimised and performance upgraded

Version 5.4 – 2 November, 2021

- Updated with bootstrap 5
- Completely newly designed frontend website layout

Version 5.3 – 16 September, 2021

- Student can continue learning from last time viewed lesson (watch history preserved)
- When purchasing a course without login, redirected to that course after login.
- The video source URL has been hidden for HTML5 video URL and Video file.
- Added language select option to instructor panel.

Version 5.2 – 30 August, 2021

- New lesson type: text format
- Facebook login for students added
- Admin permission for quick action menu fixed
- Refund policy option settings added

Version 5.1 – 4 August, 2021

- New lesson type: google drive
- Razorpay payment gateway comes as standard
- Free lesson preview

Version 5.0 – 1 June, 2021

- Adding new admins
- Admin role permission setting
- Multi instructor in single course
- Coupon code
- Course compare feature
- Application performance improvement
- Organised Admin navigation menu
- Organised applications assets
- Documentation updated

Version 4.7 – 8 May, 2021

- Responsive issue solved on the course playing page.
- Bug fixed on social sharing content.
- A new API has been added for the Instructor mobile app.

Version 4.6 – 23 March, 2021

- Sub category selection fixed for mobile device screens.
- Minor bug fixes
- Performance improvement

Version 4.5 – 9 February, 2021

- Ability to filter courses according to parent categories.
- Security check on installing addons.
- Course preloaded on homepage. 
- Fixed a minor bug on course completion.

Version 4.4 – 22 December, 2020

- Google recaptcha introduced for enhanced account security
- Dashboard shortcut for : Add student, Enrol student, Add course, Add lesson
- Mobile API updated
- Layout updated in course detail page for mobile device responsiveness.

Version 4.3 – 20 October, 2020

- Browser cache issue on image uploading has been solved.
- Ratings and reviews are now showing perfectly on mobile device.
- Server storage has been optimised by removing the previous video file while updating video type lessons.
- Stripe payment API is working fine in Academy mobile app.
- Top courses are now accessible from mobile devices.
- Latest courses are now accessible from mobile device.
- Info banner is now aligned perfectly in mobile device.

Version 4.2 – 15 September, 2020

- Sending verification code instead of link on user verification email. Since sometimes mail with a link considered as suspicious.
- Keeping stripe session id and transaction id on stripe payment.        
- Enhanced the security of stripe payment.
- Total lesson count is now working fine in all dashboard.   
- Minor bug fixes and performance improvement.

Version 4.1 – 19 August, 2020

- All payment gateways are included in mobile app.
- Students can purchase course inside mobile app using all available payment gateways and addons.
- Rating review posting by student random issue fix
- Version update procedure updated

Version 4.0.1 – 6 July, 2020

- Stripe payment gateway updated for course purchase
- Api updated for mobile application
- Minor bug fixes

Version 4.0 – 17 June, 2020

- New instructor workflow introduced
- Admin can add new instructor from admin panel
- User needs to apply to be an instructor if the admin keeps it enabled
- New dashboard and menu for instructor panel
- New sales report page for instructor
- New payout report page for instructor
- New instructor payout processing system
- The instructor now have the opportunity to request a withdrawal request
- Language switcher from frontend website
- New lesson creation layout and very user-friendly workflow
- A separate form for each type of lessons and it can be switched instantly
- Video upload option in lesson creation form with possible upload size info
- Toaster notification translation issue fixed
- Student page title issue fixed
- Lesson deletion issue while course deletion is fixed
- Multi-language helper updated
- Courses can be added to wishlist from course detail page
- User is shown an alert before removing a course from wishlist
- Outgoing email text enhanced for being marked as spam by Gmail

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Download Academy Learning Management System v5.9 Nulled Free

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